So, You’ve Moved House. Now What?

There are so many articles online that guide you through the process of buying a house, renting a house, lists for packing a house – it goes on. There’s always a word of advice or two that tell you what you need to do to efficiently organise a house move, which are helpful. Let’s be honest, moving house is stressful! It doesn’t matter whether you are going it alone or have a brood of seven kids to come with you. The entire process takes time, effort, money and a few grey hairs along the way before you see any real progress.

However, once you’ve actually got the boxes and the kids and the people you need to help you into your new digs, what happens next? Often, the articles you read online stop after they advise you on loading the moving truck and congratulate you for getting through the move. Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the stressful period! We’ve compiled a list of what happens once you finally unlock that front door, and what you should be doing next.

  • Clean. Most houses have had a professional cleaning done before you move in, but you might decide to give the house the once-over to your own standards before you start to unpack the boxes that are stacked everywhere. Move room to room and get it done quickly so that you aren’t spending too much time scrubbing.
  • Unpack. Remember how much time and effort it took to get those boxes packed up? You get to do the whole process in reverse, lucky you! All those packing boxes and bubble sheets you got to help you stay organized need to go into recycling so they aren’t cluttered around your house. Going online to find and booking them in to collect your leftover packaging waste or furniture is a good idea. There’s nothing worse than trying to settle into a new house and being made to feel like you’re living in a total rubbish dump! You’ve spent weeks organizing boxes and packing, so when the movers bring the boxes to the new house, direct them to each room so that the boxes are at least in the right place so you can get started.
  • Organise. Once you’ve got everything unpacked and in the right place, you should start setting up your services. The mail that you may have redirected needs to be sorted, the utilities and internet providers need to be notified of your new address and you need to ensure that your phone line is up and running. There’s nothing worse than being left without the internet so try to set this up as early as possible, this way, you only have to manage mistakes if you’re not switched on in time.
  • Explore. Once you’ve had a company come in and clear all the packing rubbish, it’s up to you and your family to start exploring the area! Get to know local transport links and the route to school. This is your new neighbourhood – it’s time to start integrating!

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