Your Guide To Buying Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

Admit it, there’s someone like this in every friendship group. They’ve got everything from the latest phone to latest in fashion trends. And if they don’t have it? They won’t wait around until Christmas or their birthday. They’ll simply pop out to the shops and buy it themselves. And that’s great – it’s always nice to know someone so trendy. But it can cause a huge amount of stress when it’s time to buy them a present.


So, what do you do? Well, there are plenty of avenues you can explore. From giving them unforgettable experiences to personalising their gift, you’ll hopefully find the perfect gift in this list of suggestions below.


Give them the gift of memories

Sometimes, you don’t need to buy a person something physical. If they’ve already got everything they want, then why not help them achieve something? Maybe they’ve always wanted to go on safari, or to take a hot air balloon ride. If so, find out what they dream of doing, and start to make it a reality. If it’s something fairly minor, like taking lessons in a sport or seeing a film or play at the theatre, you could buy them the entire thing. Even better, find something that you can both go to, and enjoy a day or evening. Here are some fab examples courtesy of Raising Memories to give you inspiration.


Make it one in a million


If you’re still struggling to find something, then why not make it all a bit simpler? Choose a gift that you know they’ll love and use – and then have it personalised. It’s quite a simple process, but can jazz up any gift. Think about what they love doing – maybe an accessory for a sport or leisure activity? An item of clothing? A piece of stationery? Then find somewhere that will let you add gorgeous personalisation, like sites such as Giftsin24.


Create something yourself


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Yes, even if you don’t think you’re a creative person, this one’s for you too. Making gifts isn’t just restricted to kids dabbling with finger paints. If you’ve known the person a long time, why not create a gorgeous scrapbook or photo album of your lives together? It doesn’t take much creative skill to complete, but you can guarantee that they won’t have anything like it! The Making Lemonade Blog has a lovely guide to making your own scrapbook or photo album. If you do have creative skills – use them! It’s a wonderful thing to do for someone.


Let them help others


If you ask most people, they’ll say the best part of birthdays and Christmases is the giving of gifts, not the receiving. So, why not give this warm, fuzzy feeling to your friend or family member? There are millions of ways you can do this: from monthly subscription packages to charities to buying items and sending them either overseas or elsewhere in the country. Or, look for unique, handmade gifts that give their profits to charity. Then you can combine gorgeous gift hunting with that charitable giving. This necklace is a gorgeous example of mixing both up.


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