Writing To Father Christmas With BIC

Writing To Father Christmas With BIC

As December moves closer the kids are getting really excited about Christmas and in the lead up to it we are trying to be a bit prepared this year! As soon as the first Christmas ad is on the TV  Fizz has her pens out ready to write her letters to Santa (she helps her brothers too).

BIC sent us a bumper pack of pens suitable for each child’s age. Smallest got crayons, Jedi got washable ink and Fizz got felt tips that you could rub out – she loved this when he made mistakes with her list.

Fizz was the ringleader of this family event, she wrote her list with super speed and then helped (bossed) her brothers around with their lists too. We documented this tradition with a few snaps!

Don’t forget the last post to Father Christmas is 8th December! So are sure you leave plenty of time to get them done.

Here’s the address!

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,

It’s really important you write Santa’s address carefully on a stamped envelope. Please be sure that you include your full name and address in your letter so he can write back to you.


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