Wrapping The Perfect Present This Christmas

I love deciding on a Christmas theme and wrapping our presents are no different. The year before last we had brown paper and ribbon, last year we had various characters for the children and a stamp kit for the kids – this year I have to admit so far I have used last years leftovers to wrap with but I am starting to think about what comes next! I do love a theme and try and keep each family we buy for with the same theme rather than have an eclectic mix. Leftover paper is great for stockings but when it comes to the presents under the tree I do like to to show a bit of pizzazz.

We have a few packages to send before the big day so the first thing we do is check out the last posting days and make sure we find a good company with flexible packaging to ensure they get there safely. We like to support an eco friendly company if we can too. So after organising couriers and packing what do we do about the gifts inside?

Pick your colours.

I search online for wrapping paper and then see what colour options are available for. Unless you like clashing then go for simple colours. I suggest 3 colours max for a simple yet chic look. I love gold/silver and brown paper for a classic look. You could go with colour clashes and washi tape if you wanted a theme that is a bit more vibrant and fun! My kids do love a character themed paper!

Make your own gift tags.

Grab some gift tags and add some gorgeous ribbon to them to make them extra special! You can thread the ribbon through the hole and then wrap as a bow to make something a bit more fancy! I have a lovely family stamp to stamp our cards with and the kids love this as they can help out and I won’t wince haha!

You could also use last years Christmas cards as your own gift tags or get some Christmas photos of the kids printed and then use those as a quirky alternative to gift tags! I love the ones you can get that look like polaroids so you can write underneath the photo!

Match your tree! 

If you are going all out theme then try and match your Christmas tree with some simple colours now. Colour clashing is out for me this year and gentle softness is in this year so go for organza, gold, silvers on your tree. We have bought a new pre lit tree to save on untangling wires this year and that will save a whole heap of stress when it comes to decorating!

Use all the wrapping and get crafty!

You can use any leftover ribbon from your wrapping/gift cards around the base of your tree to disguise the trunk

If you are feeling really crafty then why not make a few bows and attach them to the tree?

Another tip of mine is to use the leftover gift tags for the table places on Christmas day! Leftover organza is fab for a table layout too!

I would love to hear how you get crafty over Christmas and if you have any great tips for using leftover wrapping paper and decorations to inspire others!

Have a merry christmas!


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  1. siobhan
    December 11, 2018 / 10:20 am

    Oh you are so much better than me! My presents look like a five year old wrapped them. I leave it to Danny as lose patience and just end up growling and kicking things, covered in tape.

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