Would You Spend £200 On A Change Bag?

I’ve noticed a trend these last few years. Since I’ve had the boys many new change companies are creating bags aimed at high end prices. With Fizz I didn’t really have fancy change bags but now every other week there seems to be a new company launch with much lusted after designs.

My recent purchase was this Jem and Bea bag. I bagged (sorry) a discount since it was a birthday gift to myself and I’m lucky to work with a great specialist bag company. But for others this particular bag, Amber, will set you back £230.

Crazily I’ve gone for their white grey option. With two boys under two I wonder how easy this leather masterpiece will survive the baby to toddler years.

Although this is a change bag you wouldn’t know it and to be honest I’m not in a rush to put my used cloth nappies or used nappy bags in it. Unless you see the words change bags I don’t think you’d really know it is one. This is the bag for the mum refusing to have anything less than her style. In my opinion it’s a  beautiful investment piece. The cost hopefully will determine its longevity in my bag collection which up to now has been either a practical or throwaway (giveaway) hoard. 

If it isn’t enough for you to lust after then I’m sure you’ll find something that appeals to you. But would you spend £200 on what is supposed to be a change bag? Or would you view it as an investment piece too? 

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  1. No way could I justify £200 on a changing bag. I have two that are £80+ each but one I won, one I bought and I really did ponder if that was too much but they’re both fantastic and well worth the money. But I can’t see £200 being that fantastic and worth it x

    1. I think across the board leather ones are in this price bracket. Like I said it’s a big big treat for me and I don’t spend much money elsewhere on me so once in a blue moon I can.

  2. I don’t think I’d spend £200 on any bag, let alone one that’s designed to have pooey nappies in it. £100 is about my limit. That said, there is a lot of pleasure to be had from a lovely bag. They suit everybody regardless of size or shape and can make you feel more like a human being than you might do if you were carrying all the kit around in a Tesco bag. Possibly the mistake I made was carrying it all around in a Tesco bag when mine were little.

    Your bag is really lovely, enjoy your treat.

  3. From the pics it does look very beautiful and so stylish. I’ve bought a couple at that price as a treat to myself and I think if the bag looked like something I could use as a non-baby bag then it’s definitely an investment isn’t it? Enjoy your treat 🙂

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