Make The Most Of Your Home This Winter!

Now that we’re firmly on our way into winter, you may find yourself looking to get ready for the colder months ahead. For some, that means insulating the house, or trying to cozy things up a little. 

First things first though – Check What Insurance You Have!

With christmas coming up the worst that can happen is that you suddenly have to fork out for an unexpected cost in heating products or even the TV breaking before you’ve had a chance to watch The Queens Speech. Insurance is a must so check out providers such as Chill Insurance. Always remember to check out what is covered and the excess in case of a claim!

Making Your Living Room Homely

Adding blankets and cushions are the simplest way to add a bit of warmth to your home this winter. New tend to buy one per person as there are always fights when the little ones have to share. This winter I think I will treat myself to this one from House of Fraser. Grey and geometrics are super cool and also hide grubby hand prints!

Over sized cushions are always great for creating a great cosy feel. They’re fab for when you have alack of seating too. I love these giant floor cushions.



Right now, you may be working with one heating solution. You want to feel as cosy as possible without having to rely on 100 jumpers to keep the cold at bay! There are actually a range of different options to heat up your home, and some could be a lot more beneficial for you than what you already have.


One of the most common options, and one that you could very well using at the moment, is the boiler system. Boilers heat up water, to then distribute it around the house and keep your home warm in that way. This is the system that many homes choose to use, because it’s often a very efficient heating method. Using gas or fuel, it’s also a cost-effective method to ensure your home stays warm in winter. However, some older boiler systems use steam around the house instead of water, and this can be less efficient than the water versions.

Heat Pump

Then, you’ve also got heat pumps. These work to condition air in the summer and produce heat in the winter. And they can come in two forms. Air source heat pumps tend to take the outside air to create warmth in the home. Then ground source heat pumps such as those offered by take the heat from underneath the ground. This is often the most effective way to source heat with a heat pump system, although air source pumps tend to be easier to install.

Open Fire

Then, you’ve also got the option of working with an open fire for the winter months. Sometimes, this is used as a secondary heat source to one of the aforementioned sources. Burning wood, fires can often be very atmospheric and produce direct heat in a way that’s warming as well as very cost-effective.

High-Tech Heating

But there are also the high-tech heating options that you could consider too. One of these, as shows us, is radiant floor heating. In this system, warm water circulates in the floor in tubes, to heat first the floor and ultimately the rest of the house. It’s a modern option and removed the need for radiators. As time goes on, it’s likely that we’ll see further developments in the high-tech heating field to add to this.


We hope you have a safe, warm and cosy winter!


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