Win // A selection of Mr Gladstone Fizz for Christmas!

I am thrilled to be sharing another competition with you this week! Kingsland Drinks has launched Mr Gladstone’s Curious Emporium, the new drinks sensation! An exciting range of retro confectionery fusion beverages featuring two still flavours, Rhubarb & Custard and Pear Drop and two fizzy variants, Pineapple Cube and Strawberry Bon Bon, both with a super soft fizz!

08These innovative drinks are expertly crafted with 100% natural flavourings. Each 75cl variety is inspired by the most-loved traditional confectionery, bringing a retro touch to your great British summer time!

This refreshing range is perfect served over ice, with soda water or even as part of an exciting cocktail. Mr Gladstone invites you to add a secret ingredient, to create your own extraordinary concoction.


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  1. I would love to share a glass of wine with some old school friends. I bumped into some last month and we had a fantastic time, even though I had not seen them for about twenty five years

  2. I’m looking forward to sharing a glass with my mum, step dad and sister. They moved abroad this year, and I didn’t realise how much I would miss them! x

  3. My grandmother if she were still here. I don’t think she ever had a glass of wine in her life so I’d like to share one with her.

  4. Definitely my husband. We’ve been together for 8 years, this is our first Christmas a married couple and our first Christmas we’re spending together! So definitely would like a glass of something special 🙂

  5. As many people as possible! I love big family Christmases – we’re hosting this year, so I’ll have a houseful of family – both mine & hubby’s. Can’t wait!

  6. Iwould love to share a glass of wine with my grandad but he isnt with us anymore so I would have a drink woth my grandma in a toast to him

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