Why I Won’t Be Wishing This Pregnancy Away

At 37 weeks a mother carrying a baby is said to be full term. However baby could make an appearance anytime up until 2 weeks post due day where you’ll be offered an intervention such as induction. Sometimes this is offered earlier.

In 2009 after waiting impatiently after my due date with Fizz I was offered an induction at 41+3 (although I’d be told the week before I’d have my baby the very next day due to suspected pre eclampsia). Tried of waiting and probably my lack of patience led me to push for that induction.

I ended up not be favourable when I went in and proceeded to have the induction pessary which I was told would not work. Within 45 minutes I was in labour and dilating fast. Gav had got home, poured a drink and was called back in. Considering we are 15 minutes by bus to the hospital that gives you some understanding of how quick it was. My notes say it was 1hr 15 mins that I went from not favourable to 9cm dilated. I’d had a reaction to Prostin. A 7 hour labour and a distressed mum and baby led to an emergency c-section.

When I found out we were expecting another baby I had a wave of panic. At my booking in appointment with the midwife I asked for a planned c-section as I was so scared of labour and a repeat of what happened that mentally it made me feel sick and distressed. Of course she agreed as did the birth options consultant.

At week 24 I had my first bleed. Having never had these with Fizz it was so scary. I was given steroid injections and told what would happen if baby needed to come early. Again scary doesn’t come into it. 

I would be admitted to hospital a further 7 times over the next 10 weeks. There was this on and off fear with every bleed that something would go wrong or our baby would be born too early. I was called for a pre op only to find they’d talked to the wrong person on one occasion, on another I was told there wasn’t room for my baby on the neo natal ward and so an alternative would have to be found. 

Baby boy came 4 weeks early. A good weight. With jaundice we had an extended period of stay in the post natal ward. He went home happy though. And healthier then I could have imagined. We were lucky. The only complications we had were some on and off tummy troubles and a few chest infections. As impatient as I was with Fizz that all went with the boy. I wished for him to stay in longer and last til the planned section date of 39 weeks.

  So this pregnancy I’ll be prepared and take it as it comes. But if we reach 37 weeks I won’t be wishing this pregnancy away. I won’t be wishing that baby will come early or on a date that we are given as full term. I’ll be wishing that I get to 39 weeks, that my bump and I will have that special time extended. For every day of every week that this baby stays in there it has a better chance of being healthy and ready for the world.

That’s why there’ll be no eviction notice here. 


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  1. June 10, 2015 / 8:09 pm

    God you’ve been through it. You’re so brave and strong. Aren’t women awesome! X

  2. Laura's Lovely Blog
    June 11, 2015 / 8:21 pm

    This is so true, I was desperate for both of my pregnancies to be over because I don’t really enjoy being pregnant but reading your blog post really puts it into perspective x

  3. June 12, 2015 / 10:27 am

    I can totally relate to this post Chelle. I had both my babies at 41+ weeks – Frog was 41+5 and Baby Girl was 41+2 (although only by half an hour – had she been born half an hour earlier she’d have been 41+1!). I really enjoyed the last bit of pregnancy. It’s such a special time and the anticipation is kind of exciting. That’s how I felt, anyway.

  4. June 12, 2015 / 2:44 pm

    My goodness Chelle, you’ve gone through so much! I must admit, as excited as I am to meet our baby, I tell it daily to ‘stay in there til you’re ready’. We’re in no rush either xx

  5. Goodness Chelle – can’t blame you for holding on this time. Let’s hope all goes well this time. Thinking of you and thank you for linking up to #MBPW 🙂

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