Why Horseriding could be a great activity for your child

Living next to the Sussex Downs we are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities for the children. We have the beach nearby, fields to adventure in. But when looking for activities for the children it can be more difficult, especially as they get older. Fizz is now 8 and has different needs to her younger siblings.

Not far from us we have a horse riding school and I’ve been looking into the possibility of adding this as an extra curricular activity for Fizz. I love that it isn’t just about being active but being able to read the horse as well, communication is key in horseriding!

A few reasons why horse riding is a great activity:

It helps and aids co-ordination skills. Your child will have to learn how to lead the horse as well as balance

It helps the child keep active – not only while riding the horse but mucking out the stables, grooming and care of their horse

Your child will form a relationship with an animal which is about understanding and listening. There will need to be a level of trust between child and animal.

It helps form responsibilities which require a regular routine such as feeding with Spillers Horse Feed and the grooming needs of the horse

When looking for a local school I know it will take a few pre class visits to boost Fizz’s confidence as I know working with a large animal can feel daunting at first. It is imperative that she has a good relationship if she is to take classes up and trusted the horse will be a huge part of her eating to learn how to ride and continue with the classes.

When looking for a riding school in Brighton I will be not only looking for one that is accessible to us (we don’t currently drive and rely on public transport) but also safety and how well organised they seem to be as well. It is important to me the animals are cared for well and not suffering in any way. Equally I want my daughter to be safe and taught well.

Before you start your lessons you’ll also want to invest in appropriate attire that can be used for both riding and mucking out. A decent helmet is the most important followed by riding boots and the right clothing. Padded jackets and knees are a must. But don’t get too attached as there will be tumbles and so you’ll want clothing that is hardwearing, comfortable but long lasting too! Your child’s helmet should be well fitted and your riding school will be able to advise of places to go that have respect from fellow riders. Ask for recommendations!

Most of all talk to your child about the experience, encourage their confidence to grow so that they will be a caring rider and studious during their lessons. Talk to them after their lesson about their feelings and what they have learnt. It is so important to be supportive of their choice of activity so respond and listen.

is you child wanting to take a new class?


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