Why Golf Could Be The Activity For You

As January is one of the months where we think most about our fitness and what we want to achieve from our year I have turned to looking for alternative ways to work out and get some headspace from our busy family life. We have a few golf courses near to us and I have thought that it may be a fun activity to take up with the children once warmer weather is on its way.

I have read that golf can be thought of as one of the hardest activities to learn. For me this kind of challenge would be a great one as you have to commit and be consistent. I love that methodical tasks and so think this would be quite freeing away from my desk and home.

There is a lot of walking about so I would get my 10k plus steps in by playing. I think any increase in physical activity is great so a day playing golf would be beneficial to our health but also it is easy on the joints for any older family members joining us. It really is a good activity for all ages. Did you know the average golf course is around 3.5 miles? (source)

If we were to play as a family then we would have a set time to play together. Golf can take play over hours and so we would make it a regular day activity. Take a picnic and compete against each other!

Of course I would spend some money on getting us kitted out with clothing for the golf course from Function 18. I love a bit of sportswear (whilst playing not regular day wear) and a flatcap and knee high socks would look super don’t you think?

I love the fact that anyone can play and will also bring about the same lessons from it. It isn’t just about competing it is about thought, etiquette and consideration. Valuable life lessons we can all take on. I love the fact that you learn a new set of skills and develop them. I think that this would be fantastic for the children. 

I also like the fact that it would move us outside. We would be away from all the distractions of the home. We all know a pile of washing, an iPad or the TV can be distracting and I think it is wholly important to get outside in the fresh air and take part in an activity which can build our relationship as a family and with others.

So you see golf isn’t just for the older generation, it’s something we can do and grow within families too. It encourages growth, strength and support which are all great skills to install in our children. A day out adventure with a difference.

Have you considered doing a regular activity together as a family? What common interests could you bring together as a family that would benefit you all? Would you be up for a visit to the golf course?




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