Why cycling is great for you and your health

As New Year is now in full swing a lot of us will be looking at ways we can incorporate a new activity in our lives in order to keep fit. If you are a parent you may want to choose one that you can enjoy with your children and so your whole family can reap the benefits of a new healthier lifestyle.

Firstly you will need to decide what type of bikes you and your family will require. You’ll need them to be the right size for each of you and an appropriate design too so visit a shop such as Formby Cycles Road Bikes as they will be able to discuss your needs and advise what you all need.

You’ll need to be fitted for helmets, the children may need protective wear too but you’ll also need hi-vis vests and a bike local so that you and your bike are safe and secure.

It may be a god idea to invest in a bike maintenance class. We are really lucky as our school hosts a scooter and bike maintenance day every few months which teaches the children how to look after and maintain their own bikes. Such a brilliant idea and it is a great idea for you to attend something similar.

Once you are all set you’ll soon be on the road and aiming for a healthier lifestyle.

Cycling is one of the easiest ways to keep fit, you can swap public transport and fit it around your everyday life. Maybe you intend to cycle to school or work. Swapping a journey out will encourages your fitness.

Cycling is easier on the joints and is a great cardio workout too. The hills in Brighton would certainly have a great impact on your health if you were to cycle up them but for me cycling on the seafront would be a great way to keep fit but also taking in the amazing scenery too. It can aid recovery from depression and stress.

It can improve your blood pressure, weight and BMI. You’ll tone up and improve your general quality of life. A active lifestyle can mean you add years onto your life.

It also saves money! If you swap your bus for a bike then you’ll be saving money on a daily basis. Pop that in your traveling fund!

Once you start to cycle regular and get used to using a bike on a regular basis you will start to feel better for ut but also you’ll have something that can aid your sense of adventure. If you are doing it as a family then it will be a great way to spend active time together whilst also having fun. You can plan where to cycle to next, take summer picnics, race each other! All while becoming a really active and healthy family with it!

Are you taking up a new activity this year? What have you taken up and why? Are all the family involved?

This blog was written in collaboration with Formby cycles.


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