Why Bunk Beds Are The Perfect Space Saving Solution

Our two boys are growing up fast, now aged 3 (well 12 days away!) and 4 the boys have starting having different needs then this time last year. They play independently and need a space that is less toddler more master rain track builder. Space is always an issue when a bedroom is shared so I have been looking at great solution such as children’s bunk beds to help us make the most of the space.

Of course, before now, we have had cost and then two single beds. The boys are young and we all know toddlers love to climb and also jump. Now they’re older and coming into 2019 they are a bit more aware of what is dangerous and what they can’t/shouldn’t do. Bunk beds would be ideal for us next year to make the most of the limited space they have and optimise floor space for play.

Currently the boys have 3 units that are scattered around their beds. It means there always seems to be a clutter even when it has been cleaned and toys tidied away. By buying bunk beds we could have one side for the bunk beds and one wall for the units creating sleeker lines and a feeling of relative tidiness.

Bunkbeds can have built in shelves. This means that the boys can place a lamp, books and items that are personal to them on their shelves without them getting mixed up into the boxes of shared toys. This also means that we won’t have to have a bedside table next to the lower bed and also won’t have to worry about the top bunk not having space to put anything.

That leads me to another thing. Bunk beds don’t have to look like two single beds stacked. Modern bunks beds often incorporate under-bed storage or a trundle for sleepovers. The trundle element is fab as sometimes their big sister likes to hang out with them or if they’re ill there is a space for me to sleep too.

With less floor space taken up it means there is room for play and when they’re older a desk each along the opposite wall replacing the toy storage eventually. Think of the big train tracks you can make or when they’re teenagers enough space to hang out without an overflow into your living room!

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

I think the positives are fab for us and when we next give the boys room a makeover I think we will be considering bunk beds as the best option for them. I love accessories you can get, like bed tents to make their bed a little more private should they want some of their own private space.

I would love to know how your kids share a room and if bunk beds have worked for you. Let me know!



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