When Is The Best Time To Move House?


When we say time, we don’t mean the best season in the year to pack up your possessions and move to a new place. We mean when is the right time for you, personally, to make the huge step in moving then creating a new home? There are so many factors to consider: finances obviously play a huge part, but so do your career and family. It can be overwhelming. So where do you start? 

Online Letting Agents 

One of the factors that may be preventing you from beginning the moving process is selling your house. Getting it on the market can be a scary step; it takes so much time. How do you show off your house in the best possible way? Worry not, with the help of online letting agents, the stress of property viewings is completely taken out of your hands. You can get the ball rolling, gauge the interest in the place, all from the comfort of your own home. People are bound to love the place as much as you do. 


Another factor to consider when contemplating moving home is your family. This can either be your own children, or your extended family. If it’s your children, you need to think about their age. What stage are they at in school, and how disruptive would it be to move them to a new place? Or with your other family members, how far away can you be before it feels too far?  There are compromises you can take. You could get a change of scenery simply by moving to a new area of town. Or if you do feel ready for a complete change, communicate with your family and see what your potential options are. 


A huge trigger which may cause you to move is your career. It could be your department needs to relocate. Or perhaps you’ve outgrown your current position and are ready for new challenges in a new city. Before completely uprooting from your current home for the sake of your job, you need to consider the pros and cons of the situations and evaluate whether the move will be worth it. 

Clear Out 

Moving house does not just involve physical baggage, but emotional baggage too. If you’ve lived in a place, particularly if you’ve had children growing up there, the house will be full of nostalgia. To the untrained eye, it could just appear as old clutter – but to you, every object will serve as a memory. It could time for you to clear out and move on. Maybe you need to start fresh somewhere. Or perhaps your current home is too small for your growing family, and you need more room to make some more memories.  


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