When did you bond with baby?

Last night I read that not a lot of parents blog about the bonding experience with baby.

I am sure many new mums and dads expect to have that first sight moment where love seems unconditional, where there is an immediate connection with your baby/babies.

It’s not always the case that instinct gives you that first rush of love. For me, I loved my bump and my gorgeous daughter but this love has also grown over time. Everything we do together has made us love each other more.

Motherhood and Fatherhood requires hard work. Any new partnership requires getting to know each other, falling in love with each other and some hard work to get it right. It’s hard to have a sudden bonding instinct when you are a feeding and changing machine. You can automatically do what you need to do and as time grows you gain closeness, understanding, contentment.

It’s not wrong if you don’t have that sudden instinct.

Over the past six months me and Mini Mc have fallen in love. It has taken me time to adapt from having a bump to having a baby and working at the relationship to get it right. It’s trial and error.

Now Mini Mc is six months old we get interaction, smiles, arms held out for us. The rush of love is now fully fledged. Maybe it makes a difference as communication gets easier; maybe it’s just one of those getting used to each other things.

Don’t be afraid if you didn’t feel a sudden bond, like caterpillars and butterflies the bond grows into something beautiful over time!

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