What’s On The Box // Spring Edition

As the winter months merge unsteadily into spring, our weather becomes as unpredictable as ever, with plans involving the Great Outdoors unreliable at best. It’s a time for patiently staying in and making plans to get cosy and spend some quality time with our HD Television by Panasonic TVs. With so much happening on network, satellite / cable and streaming at the moment, a plan is definitely in order.

For my part I’m embracing the return of ‘Fleabag’ (BBC 1 / BBC Three / iPlayer) – back at last after a three year gap. Following her work on the the superb ‘Killing Eve (still available on BBC iPlayer), Phoebe Waller-Bridge brings her creation back, setting events a year after the end of the last series. In the world of streaming, I’m keeping things a little more fantastical and dark by way of The Umbrella Academy (Netflix) – based on the comics by Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance fame). Mystery, apocalypse and superheroes. What can go wrong?

Well, on the subject of apocalypses going wrong… Looking to the future, the long-awaited TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s genius novel ‘Good Omens’ is set to hit our screens at the end of May via Amazon Prime, with a weekly BBC broadcast later in the year. This is a book I have read over again and owned many times only to give away my copy and buy another. With Gaiman as showrunner and Michael Sheen and David Tennant playing the two angels out to stop the end of the world – this is going to be something special indeed.

But if your household has kids like mine, outside of school hours and before bedtime you’re unlikely to get a look in when it comes to the family TV anyway. My youngest two are just discovering the joys of all things puerile and rude (and as it turns out I never really grew out of that) – so thank heavens for ‘The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants’ (Netflix) – something we can all get behind. Based on the books and carrying on where the film adaptation left off, it’s equal parts childish and silly, whilst still being very clever and genuinely funny for young and old alike. Fortunate, as our kids are addicted…


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