What To Think About When You Buy A Pram

One of the biggest expenses you have when you’re expecting a new baby is the pram. That set of wheels can cost anything up to £1,500 and for many of us they need to last a good 3 years too. So it’s not as easy to choose a pram as it is to choose other baby essentials, and if you’re not careful it can become a nightmare! Do you go for looks and ignore the price, or are you on a budget but need something that can handle all terrains? Because you never really know what a pram is like until you have a baby in it, it’s all too easy to make a mistake and end up regretting the wheels you’ve chosen. With this in mind, we’ve put together a really quick guide: what to think about  when you buy a pram.

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Always start with a budget in mind. It’s not good saying you would x,y,z features if there’s no way you can ever afford the model that ticks those boxes. Get the money out of the way first of all and give yourself a £100 or so buffer too, to widen your options. We’d all love an all singing and all dancing pram, right? But we’re not all going to get one, so be realistic about what you can afford, and what you will be happy paying. And if you really want a pram from the higher end of price range but can’t afford it, consider going second hand instead- there are some absolutebargains on sites such as eBay an Preloved these days.

Where do you live?

If you’re living in a small village in the country and you’re surrounded by woods and fields, you might not get on so well with prams that are aimed towards urban dwellers. Likewise, all terrain prams are not always necessary in the city and you might be better off with something that takes up less space and allows you to jump on and off public transport easily. Also consider your home- a big pram isn’t the ideal choice of you live in a flat, for example. And think about where you’re going to store the pram too- garage is good, porch ok, living room bad! If you’re short of space, you need a pram that folds up small.

Do you drive?

If your’e going to be out and about in the car, you’ll need a car seat for baby. So do you go for a travel system- a pram that holds the car seat on its chassis for quick trips, and has a carry cot and stroller seat of you’re out for longer? Or do you get a car seat separate and opt for a smaller pram that can be stored in the boot? Does the pram you have your eye on even fit in your boot? You need to check before you buy!

Do you need a buggy board or a double?

When you have a toddler and a new baby, you need to think about whether you need a new pram ( a double) or if a buggy board will do. It mostly depends on the age of the toddler and whether or not they’re able to use a buggy board ok. Doubles are great for walks and the school run etc but many families find they’re not used for long. And then you have the issue over whether to go for tandem or side by side. Consider space first, and then try out a buggy board if you can to see how your toddler copes. It might be an idea to borrow or buy a double second-hand until your toddler is a little older and more able to use a board.

Special features

With practicalities out of the way, have a look at special features. Does it fold by itself at the push of a button? Does it have an extending handle for taller parents? Are the tires air filled? Of course it’s personal preference so only you can decide what special features you want in a pram.

Does it look nice?

It’s not essential but if you’re anything like me, you like a nice liking pram. So it’s important o consider aesthetics too.

What are the things you look for in a pram?


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