What Mum Really Wants For Mother’s Day

Box of chocolates? Bottle of wine? A soak in the bath? Or just some peace and quiet? What is on your Mothers Day wishlist this year? Annoyingly the clocks are changing on Mothers Day weekend so we are already losing an hours sleep so we think the gestures need to be extra good this year. We spoke to some wonderful Mums to find out what they really wanted for Mothers Day, their answers may not be what you think.

Some of the Mums we spoke to were all about having some time with the kids like Amber from Meet The Wildes who said ‘I am treating myself to a weekend away with my four while Kirsty has the baby. I can’t wait to spend two days in their company; working away from them all the time is rubbish.’

Leslie from Messy Blog UK was all about having time with the kids too with her answer to what she would like for Mothers Day; ‘A lie in, breakfast in bed and something home made followed by a trip to the park. Of course if they want to tell me I’m pretty and fight over who gets to hold my hand then I’d be okay with that too!’  And Vi from Dancing in my Wellies was all about the breakfast in bed too proving it to be a simple but popular choice for Mums this Mothers Day.


For Lisa from Mumma Scribbles it’s about a bit of self care and time to herself; ‘I’d love a complete day to myself. Maybe go for breakfast and read a book, go for a facial, meander round some shops and have a spot of cream tea in peace.’ It sounds like a lovely day and so important to make sure the Mums in our lives get a little treat and some time off! Talking of time off Kate from Counting to Ten told us how she would like to wake up to find her house tidy and clean. Let’s hope those cleaning fairies come out on Mothers Day Eve!

Sian from Quite Frankly She Said is also craving some me time, in particular sleep time; ‘I would love, more than anything, a whole night’s sleep. I haven’t had more than a few hours of broken sleep for over six years now. I’ve even asked my husband to send me to a hotel for the night on my own.’

For others it was all about the personal touches and the little things that mean the most. Lauren from Scrapbook Blog said ‘I would love a handwritten or drawn card and a day when nobody asks me to do something they could do themselves’ and Sharon from Teen Tween Toddler added that she would like breakfast in bed along with little personal gifts like her favourtie chocolate bar. 

Photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash

Our very own Chelle turns 40 the day before Mother’s Day so has a whole weekend of celebrations. She says as she gets older she was presence not presents for her Mother’s Day. So a big lunch at the local pub surrounding by friends and family! (Although she has also asked for contributions to a spa membership too!).

So there we are, the running theme seems to be the gift of time, whether it be time on their own or time that they don’t normally have with the kids along with breakfast in bed and a tidy house thrown in.

What would you like for Mothers Day?


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