What makes a good neighborhood for your family? Signs to look for

Thinking of moving your family to a new neighbourhood?Still don’t know what makes for a great environment to settle in? If you’re a new family with kids inbound, you’ll know that having children plays a big role in your selection.

Here are the signs you should consider when hunting for a new house and community for the family – derived from personal experience and professional advice.

Amenities for children. The first sign of a good location are amenities inside the community. There are communities like those found in Lendlease housing in different communities in Australia that perfectly suits this need.

Drive around a potential neighbourhood and see if there are parks nearby. You may also walk through the immediateneighbourhood to look for signs of kids. Kids in the area may suggest play equipment, including swing sets, trampolines, and soccer goals in the yards or park.

Kids playing outside. Another good indication of a kid-friendly location are kids can play outside. Do a brief neighbourhood walk during different times of the day. You’ll probably see kids walking to school or buses in the morning and afternoon, and perhaps kids playing outside before or after dinner time.

Also, take note that a neighbourhood with a lot of seniors may not be family-friendly as this can mean a lack of playmates or play facilities. Another thing, if you see nothing but pre-teens hanging around, it may not be the best fit for your family, especially the kids.

Friendly/Sociable people. A quick way to check out the area is to take a quick walk around and have a chat with people. No need to hesitate when starting conversations with people at the playgrounds and parks. Ask parents what they like in the neighbourhood and those things they don’t want as well. Tel them you’re planning on moving in the area. Most people will quickly brag about the positives and tell the negatives.

Distance to necessities. A neighbourhood might be a good fit for your family, but if it’s too far from necessities like school, supermarkets, gym, etc. you need to consider it. Is the school within walking distance or will your kids need a ride? Is the location near where you work? Will you need public transportation?

These things are vital to consider as big commutes can add to thefamily stress. The last thing you want is to spend an hour or more in the car getting everyone to their places every morning.

Secure environment. For most families, safety is the foremost factor when considering any neighbourhood, especially with kids in tow. Is the home near highways? Is it near noisy, dangerous rail tracks, can you see a lot of shady individuals hanging around? Is there ample street parking around, are the streets well lit? Will you feel comfortable walking your pets or kid around the neighbourhood even in the evening?

There are plenty of resources online if you’re looking for a home in a specific city.You can also check out the many family-friendly housing in different communities in Australiafor starters. They have communities in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, and Western Australia. With the tips above, finding a family-friendly neighbourhood just got a whole lot easier.


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