What Are The Options For A Mother Getting Into A New Career?


For so many mothers, the urge to follow their biological instincts override everything else. But what about those mothers that are in high powered or stable careers and take some time off to have children; are they able to return to work with the same zeal, and respect that they once commanded? There are numerous stories of mothers who return to a job after some time off and find that it’s not the same place it once was, either because people have moved on, or they realise that what they used to do was the hallmark of the person they used to be. Naturally, a change in career becomes an option. But this is starting all over again. What are the options for every mother out there wanting to get into a new career, post motherhood?

Plan Your Attack

Arguably, the most important aspect of managing any form of career change is to get organised. If you go back into a working environment that you don’t get on with anymore, and this spurs you onto a new career, you have to meticulously plan your transition. This is all about ensuring you know what you want to do, but also, how to get there. This is where online courses become incredibly beneficial because the vast majority of working parents can craft a change in career, little by little, and ensure that they find an appropriate method to learn new skills. Online courses related to operations management, various business dealings, and even the creative sector are a handful of numerous options but is this everything you need to start again in a new career?

Should We Plan It Around Our Kids?

Because we’ve been at home with our children, and have seen them take their first steps, say their first words, going back to work can feel like we are being forced to say goodbye indefinitely to our loved ones. So many mothers don’t want to go back to work, and many arrange it with their employer that they work part-time hours. But if you are thoroughly dissatisfied with your career choice, and you want to navigate it change, you may say to yourself that your children come first, but so many employers don’t see it that way. While you can hold out for the ideal career that provides that flexibility, the reality is that there are many out there that don’t. So what’s the solution? Making your own career path. This is why there are so many eBay entrepreneurs, or mothers that work from home start their own businesses. And don’t forget the freelance lifestyle. This is still a battle that rages on, and for every single parent going back into full-time work, the reality can set in that this career doesn’t suit their lifestyle anymore. And if you want career satisfaction, but you also want to be there for your children, no matter what, you have to do some more digging to find that sense of balance, but also purpose, which enables you to do both concurrently.



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