Wet Play Ideas For Winter

This winter we have been trying to get out a lot more. It is hard with two toddlers but at least one nursery day we do head out rain or shine as long as we are not poorly. The boys have been loving splash splashing, we head the local Pizza place for lunch and then come home and cuddle in front of a film. Perfect winter activities!

However there is only so much walking and eating Pizza we can do so Jedi and I have popped out with his new Wellies to practice how long we can stay out without our fingers dropping off. Turns out for a 3 year that time is longer than I’d like!

Anyway I know other mums must find it tough to get out in the Winter and so here are a few activities you can do!

Go on a bear hunt.

Wrap up warm, find a local area that is a bit forest like and go on an adventure to this favourite story book! Stomping in puddles, jumping over branches – singing along as you go.

Collecting things you find in nature

Grab a bag each and go on a hunt for leaves, conkers, branches and then bring them all home to create a nature collage with!

Go on a nature hunt!

We love this on the way to nursery. We spot birds, snails, slugs and other little creatures along near Brighton Racecourse and some allotments close on our way to our day destination. I love the allotment in Summer but you can get quite a view down into Brighton now the trees have shed their leaves.

We were gifted a pair of Regatta wellies for Jedi to use the photographs in this blog. I love them as they are very bright and have a reflective strip so perfect for duller winter days and wet splash sploshing!





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