Ways to make 2019 your most prosperous year yet

2019 is the year you can change your life. Okay that sounds dramatic, but realistically, this is the perfect time to make new year’s resolutions you can really stick to. What are your goals and ambitions and how are you going to make sure you stick these ones out? Start the year full of positivity, as this your year to really make a change. You can start a new hobby, quit a bad habit, or even start your own business, but January is the perfect opportunity to make this year your year. 

Start by reviewing last year

Use this as a time of reflection. Take an honest look back at the last year and consider all the good, and the not so good parts. Are there any particular moments that stand out? Anything you are particularly proud of? And maybe there are some things you would change? Acknowledge all of your growth and remember your accomplishments, what can you carry forward to this year? Remember to not only consider developing yourself personally but also financially and professionally. 

Weigh up 2018, what risks did you take that really paid off? Is there anything you are particularly proud of? Overall, what was the year about for you and how are you going to make this year even better?

Set yourself ‘SMART’ goals

It is important to not bite off more than you can chew. Turn your vision into bitesize chunks by splitting your goals into smaller, more manageable pieces. This way you can gain more clarity and focus on your mission. For example, if you have set yourself a goal of getting a promotion in work in order to be more financially secure, then start out by outlining a plan of attack. How exactly are you going to achieve this? Set ‘SMART’ goals. This refers to:

1) Simple – Outline your goal in 10 words or less. 

2) Measurable and Meaningful – Is this something you have control over?

3) Attainable – Is this goal really achievable to you?

4) Relevant – How relevant to you is your target? Why do you want to reach this goal?

5) Timely – Time is of the essence. Plan exactly how long this goal is away from finishing? Set yourself deadline to ensure you are making progress. 

Consider your finances 

Planning ahead is so important and there are plenty of ways in which you can invest in your future, from implementing new financial goals to finding new ways to make money. This may be the year to consider investing in property. Property can be described as the new pension, as it is considered a more valuable asset that will appreciate more over the forthcoming years. 

Across the UK, property prices are escalating, and rents are climbing, producing larger returns for investors who are considering property. Property investment may be a great way to support your main income like those found with RW Invest property specialists. They offer a diverse range of developments across lucrative locations in the UK, which all have the potential to secure high returns for all investors involved. 


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