Visiting Drusillas For Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas we also have two of the kids birthdays so we are always looking for alternative things for them to receive as presents. Over the last year we have started to change from always looking for either wardrobe contributions or toys to less material things in the effort to save space and have a more modern family home.

The Christmas Cottage is open 10am – 4.30pm (last admission to
the Park at 4pm). You will not be able to join the queue after
4pm without a ticket and the queue line will close at 4.30pm.

One of the ways that we are looking to change in 2018 is less focus on things we may have too much of already and spending our money on adventures around our local area. Drusillas is one of the places  that is so local to us but we’ve never been! Fizz went with her auntie when her brother Jedi was born but that’s it! Bad I know!

The Winter Wonderland Illuminations
Saturday 18th November – Monday 1st January

So that’s why it’s on our places to visit list and what perfect time to do it! Christmas at Drusillas sounds amazing this year and we are super excited to have been invited to experience it. We will have a review blog coming up in the next few weeks but until then go and check the site out and maybe you could add a family ticket to your Christmas wish list this year?


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