Useful DIY tips to help you improve your home

We all sometimes feel the need to spruce up our home or living space, and it is easy to achieve with some simple DIY projects. We have been upgrading areas of our home since November and bit by bit we are getting there. Improving the look of a living room, bathroom or bedroom is easy and can be very affordable, you just need to budget and plan out before you start any work. Here are a few ways we have spruced up our home that I wanted to share with you.

Spruce up your living room or den with colourful cushions and throws 

Adding colourful cushions to chairs and sofas can liven up your living room and den. A cushion on a small chair can give it a pop of colour. A light colour chair or sofa can be livened up with colourful vibrant cushions and throws. Solid colours of green, rust, yellow, red and off white look good when placed on sofas and beds. We had to replace our sofa but we still invested in throws because the kids leave mucky prints still!

Change the light fittings 

Clever lighting can significantly improve a room so add some new freestanding lamps or ceiling light fittings to enhance the atmosphere. Use decorative wall light fittings to lighten up a hallway or large room and an attractive table lamp will give a soft light, or if fitted with a more powerful bulb is great as a reading light.
When you re-decorate a room replace the old lampshades, which will give it a completely new look.

Wall paintings and wall décor

Adding paintings or decorative wall hangings will greatly improve the look of a room. Bare painted walls are not very attractive. Hang paintings on the wall that suit your style; landscapes, portraits, seascapes, framed calendars and family photos can look good. Decorated walls add life to any room in the house.

Print some of your colour or black and white photographs of the family on holidays or special trips. Hang them your kitchen, den or living room. You could also frame maps of your hometown and favourite travel destination and hang them in appropriate places. Framed advertising or vintage tin or wooden signs can be hung on walls for a vintage look.  
DIY shutters 

DIY shutters are an effective way to keep your windows covered without worrying about having to have curtains cleaned. Choose a style and colour of shutter that best suits your home. Full-height shutters cover the entire window, or attractive café style shutters cover the lower half. Tier on tier allows you to open the top panel and the bottom separately. Affordable shutters are available in hardwood, premium elm or designer styles.

Instruction manuals and videos are available that show how to install DIY shutters. Customer service departments will help if you run into a technical problem. Shutters are easy to keep clean and always improve the look of a room.

Update bathroom accessories and hardware

New hardware on the bathroom cabinets adds a new look. Metal handles and hinges can make an old cabinet appear new. Brass, iron, pewter and chrome fittings are all easy to put on and come in a variety of styles. Adding new accessories can quickly update a small or large bathroom. Buy a new wastebasket for the bathroom; they come in a variety of styles and colours. A new laundry basket to throw your dirty clothes in, a new soap dish, colourful lotion dispensers all help to spruce up any bathroom.

Updating the bathroom taps is an instant improvement, as are new fixtures to hold shower gel bottles, etc. New fittings come in a variety of styles and metals to match any bathroom. A new heated towel rail in chrome or white provides an instant lift.

Update your kitchen

Why not add a new more energy efficient appliance to your kitchen? They are quite easy to install and often some basic plumbing skill are all that are required. There are useful videos available on the internet that show how to complete these basic tasks. An important tip! Always turn off the water supply before you do any kind of plumbing work.

You could freshen up the walls with a new colour, wallpaper one wall as a feature and hang some photos or paintings. A kitchen cart with wheels is great for storing plates, pots and pans and they make such items more accessible.


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