Updated Review // Mountain Buggy Duet Pram and Pushchair

When Mountain Buggy heard we were going to have another little man they offered us their slimline Mountain Buggy Duet to review we had a look at what it could offer us. We had come across the Duet in our local baby pram specials shop Great Expectations and were really interested on how it would handle. We’ve tried many a buggy in Nicola’s amazing shop but when it came to a double we hadn’t got a clue! We also wanted to know the best way to secure it – would a locking carabiner work on it or would we need a bike lock.

 What we got:

The duet frame comes with two birth to toddler seats as standard

A soft bottle holder

Seat liners in flint

Extras we also received:

Carrycot plus, adapters and raincover

Single seat rain cover (these are purchased as separate and a double is available)

Jute shopper attachment for single mode

From box to buggy took us around 15 minutes (if you buy from Nicola she’ll even put it together!). The carrycot elements was the most fiddly and took me 20 minutes to sort out however switching it the the second carrycot style for babies with reflux took me 5 minutes.

When the main seats are in the buggy is still suitable from birth. When it goes into double seat mode there is also a barrier bar. When purchasing  you need to think on whether you want baby to face you before investing in the carrycot. I personally love the kids to parent face me so it’s nice to have this option when they’re super little.

The seat units zip on and off for easy cleaning which we all know is a bonus when you have weaned babies who need snacks on the go!

mountain buggy with chelle

We don’t have a car so rely on walking and public transport. We’ve found taking the bus is no problem! The pushchair takes just under 1.5 buggy seats so not much space extra than a single mode buggy. The adjustable handle means it’s not sticking out too much and is also great when you have one short and one tall parent!

 The buggy manages well over varied terrains and doesn’t feel wobbly up and down kerbs. It’s very robust for such a slimline double.

The Mountain Buggy Duet is easy to fold too which if you have storage space or a car means you can pop it out of the way. Please do check measurements first though!

The hoods don’t stay as static when you have carrycot and seat mode. However once you figure out how to keep them up its easy too. However I like hoods to offer a bit more coverage and them to look smooth.

The Mountain Buggy Duet and the carrycot you are looking at a cost of £688. The extras I received – joey clip-on tote bag and rain covers – cost extra. The Joey costs £49 and the single rain covers are from £29.
The children seem happy in it and our youngest falls straight asleep in the carrycot so it’s been a welcome addition in the daytime when he won’t sleep anywhere other than me! The only downside is at 18 months old JediBoy fills his seat so there’s not much more growing room for him. However this just gives me an excuse to buy the scooter which attaches to the buggy!

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