Updated Review // Cosatto Giggle 2 Years On

We have had our Cosatto Giggle for nearly two years now and so I thought it was well worth an updated review

What’s the push like?

I had forgotten how lightweight this buggy actually is! I’ve not tried it with Jedi aged 2 yet but Beatlebum is loving sleeping in the Giggle so much we have started a daytime nap routine in it and get two 2 hour naps at a time! The push can be a little shakey but I do think for a buggy that has now seen three children using it it has lasted well.

img_7817Is it easy to get onto public transport?

It is quite easy. As a three wheeler it does take a little knack to get on and off. That could be me though as we have been using 4 wheel buggies for the last few months.

Is it good quality? Has it lasted well?

Yes! Considering it is just over two years old and had 3 owners it doesn’t feel like it’s on its last legs at all. A quick wash of that material and it’s looking pretty much as new bar the muddy wheels. We have bought a pram liner for it but thats more because we wanted to pad the seat unit out.

Jedi is 23 months and has outgrown the seat unit! Look how big he is now!

Is it value for money? Does it meet your needs?

I think this buggy was a good investment. It does meet our needs right now as a family when Jedi is having a nursery day but we have a double for days where I have both boys.

What are the pros?


Spacious seat

Five point harness

Easy to switch from parent to world facing

Reclines in various positions

What are the cons?

I would love to try a 4 wheel version of this buggy. I am not the best driver of three wheelers but this is a user issue not a buggy now!

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  1. July 7, 2016 / 10:45 pm

    I too have a 3 wheel buggy (City Mini Stroller) and would like to try a 4 wheeled version.

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