The Ultimate Guide To Buying Gorgeous Gifts For Little Ones

Buying gifts can be tricky at the best of times. Today, there seems to pressure to buy bigger, better presents every year. Gone are the days when you could pick something up from a local shop and drop it in. Gift buying today requires commitment and the ability to think outside the box. If you’re a busy parent, you probably don’t have time to spend hours choosing individual gifts for friends and family. When it comes to buying for kids, this guide will help you to choose the perfect present every time with no hassle or stress involved.


How to find an ideal gift effortlessly


Online shopping

Online shopping is an absolute godsend for parents and those with hectic work and social schedules. Today, you can buy almost anything online. You can pay instantly, and most sites also offer next day delivery.


When you’re shopping online, you can either use a search engine to look for specific gifts or browse sites. You can also use the Internet to look for inspiration and read reviews. If you have an idea in mind, simply enter the search term. You’ll usually find that this provides you with links to relevant pages. You can also use your search engine to compare prices from different retailers.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, you may be able to locate stores, which sell what you want. You can visit their website to live chat or give them a call to see if they have what you want in stock. This could save you time and a trip out if they don’t stock the gift you’re looking for.


Gift lists

Gift lists are often associated with weddings, but it’s always a good idea to ask friends and family for ideas. If your best friend has recently had a baby or you’re buying for your nephew, ask for suggestions. This will save you time and reduce the risk of buying duplicates.


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Gift ideas for children


Newborn baby gifts


Personalised presents

There are all kinds of wonderful gifts you can buy for newborn babies. Popular gift ideas include clothing, soft toys, and baby books. If you’re looking for something a little different, why not have a look at personalised presents? Take a look at Makaboo for ideas. You can buy everything from blankets and soothers to pillows and wall art. By adding the child’s name and date of birth, you end up with a unique and thoughtful present.



Most children love books. Although it’s probably a little early to start bedtime stories, books are an excellent choice for a newborn. Classic tales always go down well, and you can often buy collections in a presentation box. Don’t forget to write a message in the front of the book.



When you’re considering options for newborn baby gifts, you may come across lots of different types of toys. For tiny babies, classic toys are often a fantastic choice. You may wish to invest in some wooden puzzles or an old-fashioned train. You may be taken with a traditional teddy bear or an abacus. Look for toys, which will stand the test of time. If you want to make your gift extra special you could also personalise it. You could buy lettered carriages for trains, for example.



Many people like to buy items you can keep for newborns. Popular examples of keepsakes include memory books and boxes, money boxes, jewellery and trinkets. A memory box is a lovely idea. You can fill it with all kinds of different mementos, such as a lock of hair, hospital wristbands and first photographs.



Gifts for toddlers

When you’re buying a gift for a toddler, it’s wise to have a chat with them and find out what they like. You may find that your niece is a big fan of animals or princesses. Your cousin may be a huge football fan. Your godson may be really into space and astronauts. Often, if they have an interest, this can make life much easier when it comes to shopping.


Toys are a really popular option for toddlers. Go for outdoor toys for summer birthdays, such as ride-ons, paddling pools, or garden games. img_7242

Books are also a great choice. Opt for brightly coloured books with lift the flaps and different textures and noises.

Gifts for older children

As children get older, they often become more vocal when it comes to deciding what they want for their birthday or Christmas. Some will give you a great long list of things they would like. Others are desperate to expand an existing collection or save money towards a larger, more expensive present. If you don’t want to give money, but you can’t find a suitable material gift, why not treat your child, goddaughter or nephew to a day out? You could go to the beach or take a trip to the zoo? You could go shopping, visit a theme park or have a look around some family-friendly museums. Book tickets for a football match or indulge yourselves at the ice cream parlour.

Personalised gifts are also a really good idea for older kids. You can buy everything from hoodies with their name on, to labelled rucksacks and pencil cases. You could also buy something for a kid’s bedroom or playroom, such as a toy box, storage sacks or a bespoke height chart.

Buying presents for children can be stressful. You want to get something they will love without devoting hours of your time to shopping, or spending a fortune. If you’re looking for something unique, why not investigate personalised presents? Are you searching for something that will be treasured forever? If so, teddy bears, keepsakes, and classic toys are excellent options. Think about the age of the child and their interests when you’re shopping. Older kids will often give you a list of suggestions to choose from. If you don’t have much time available, or you need a gift in a hurry, take advantage of the simplicity and convenience of online shopping.




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