TV’s Laura Hamilton Launches New Fitness App

Laura Hamilton is best known for her presenting skills on A Place In The Sun, but she is also mother of two young children. During her last pregnancy Laura put on 4 stone, but with the help of celebrity fitness guru John Beeby she lost her baby weight and has launched fitness app “Laura Hamilton’s Full Body Workout”. I got to ask her a few questions on the launch of her new app…

1) Do you think there is too much pressure on mums to start thinking about weight loss? 

How can we ensure mums don’t feel pressured until they are ready? I personally never felt any pressure from anyone else. I put the pressure on myself to lose my weight because of my job on screen and I’d read a comment that someone said I looked over weight. Ultimately new mums need to focus on the fact that their body has done something incredible – produced a baby! Think 9 months on and 9 months off.

2) What do you think is the ideal time to start your post natal fitness programme?

My personal trainer told me I should really wait for 12 weeks after a c-section but with a normal birth you can start light exercising after 6 weeks. I already had Rocco who was 17 months when Tahlia arrived so even though I wasn’t exercise I was still running around after a toddler which uses a fair bit of energy!
3) What would you say is unique about your fitness app and why an app rather than a DVD? 

Most people carry their phones with them all the time, so you can literally use my app wherever you are, at anytime without any equipment. Because the workouts have been put together by a professional (John Beeby), it’s like having a personal trainer in your back pocket!

 4) Body confidence is at such a low for some women post birth. What was guaranteed to give you a boost post birth? 

My husband and family kept telling me how great I looked. I think having good, supportive people around you is one of the most important things to help give you a boost. I think it’s important to remember that you go through so many hormonal changes throughout and after a pregnancy so you should only focus on your body and your appearance when you are mentally ready.

 5) For those mums that really struggle with their weight after kids what one piece of advice would you give them?

 Try not to finish off your children’s food if they don’t eat it – you can end up eating more than you realise. When you feel tired you often want to eat sugary things for energy but it’s terrible because it only gives you a quick fix. Snack on nuts instead.

 6) What is your favourite exercise and why? And again with your worst!

 I particularly like ab exercises because that’s where I see results quickly. I don’t really enjoy leg exercises but I try to enjoy them as they are the worst part of my body.

 7) Do you think dress size and weight is right to be our focus? Or should we be taking smaller baby steps for our own health and fitness?

 I think it’s best to set goals every couple of weeks or once a month. Set realistic goals too. I think it’s best to focus on weight and make sure you always use the same scales on the same surface. Measuring weight loss by dress size doesn’t really work for me because clothes sizes can vary from shop to shop. 

 8) Finally – tell me about your best parenting triumph and your worst! 

 Ooooh I don’t think I can’t answer that – parenting changes constantly as your children grow and develop. I guess my biggest triumph is realising I can travel easily with them two weeks every month. My worst – I once managed to lock my keys, bag, phone and Rocco in the car in a shop car park. I had to get someone to call the fire brigade and it was awful. Thankfully they arrived in 10 minutes. I am making sure that doesn’t happen again.

Thanks for popping by Laura! 

You can follow Laura on Twitter and Instagram @laurahamiltontv


Laura Hamilton’s Full Body Workout is available on the App Store and Google Play, priced at £2.99. To download the app please visit:


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