Tricks & Tips: Enhancing Your Kitchen On A Budget

Doing up the kitchen is probably one of the biggest jobs you’ll ever do in your home. If you are a homeowner, all the planning and all the exciting bits are in your hands: as is the bill! Ripping out kitchen cabinets and worktops, moving plumbing and electrics to have integrated cupboard lighting and integrated appliances and generally doing up a kitchen, takes a lot of work and a lot of cash. If you want to start a redecorating project for your kitchen, you have to start with the budget.

Enhancing your kitchen on a budget is surprisingly easy! There are a lot of ways you can update the kitchen and keep your pennies counted and in the green. With these fantastic tips, you could be looking at a whole new kitchen without having to do much at all!


  • Get new handles installed: Sometimes ripping out an entire kitchen is not cost effective. Unless the cabinets and worktops are falling to pieces, all they need is a spruce up and not a do-over. You could even get some vinyl covers on the cheap and recover the fronts of the cabinets so you have brand new handles and a whole new look on your cabinets.
  • Consider a lick of paint: Tins of paint don’t cost much and kitchens don’t have much wall space to cover so one or two tins should do it. Match your colours to your counter tops and have them complement each other so if your tops are black, go for a pastel shade to brighten the rest of the room.
  • Door change: If your cabinet doors are block wood, change them out for glass. Being able to see inside the cupboards can really open up the room and give it a fresh perspective.
  • Apply the right appliances: Little appliances like toasters and kettles can be seen as part of the décor. With so many manufacturers now doing colour match appliances you can bypass the standard black or white and go for a luminous, bright colour that stands out. For the larger appliances, make sure you head over to to ensure you have everything covered in your kitchen for your appliances. You can cover the larger ones with vinyl to make them more colourful, but checking the warranty first is a good idea in case decorating changes things!
  • Window treatments: Hanging new curtains or blinds in the kitchen can give the room a whole new look. Such a small change can have a huge impact as the windows are the eyes of any kitchen.


Making changes to your home doesn’t have to cost the earth and if you have spent money out on a huge move, then the smallest changes you can make will have the best result. Your kitchen is the home hub, so any changes you make can only serve to enhance it.

The best thing you can do is research what the best things would be within your budget and go from there. Have fun decorating!


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  1. February 27, 2017 / 12:45 am

    Some great tips but sadly in our case we just need a whole new kitchen full stop. One day when we win that lottery we don’t even play huh?

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