Treating your dog or cat this Christmas!

Your furry friend is part of the family and as such, should be treated and rewarded from time to time – just like you! Buying a Christmas present for your pet dog or can be hard. They very rarely drop hints as to what they want and giving them gift vouchers is about as helpful as tasking a child with making Christmas lunch!

But that doesn’t mean your beloved animal should miss out on being spoilt this festive season, so we’ve decided to help. Here you’ll find a list of ideas that might give you a little inspiration.

Dogs: Signage! Give the dog a home

If you dog lives outside from time to time, or has their own separate pad for when things get a little hectic indoors, then why not make it official? Companies like provide a wide range of signs that can be customisable, so creating something unique for your pet has never been easier.

Cats: Upgrade your cats food.

We all know that cats can be aloof – you could buy them the most expensive gift in the shop and they’d never go near it! So why not invest in their everyday life? Upgrading their food to something a little more premium will make a huge difference to them.

Cats: An ethically sourced gift box

Why stick to one gift? Surprise your feline friend, or someone else’s, with a natural gift box for cats filled with natural and ethically sourced toys, treats and practical gifts. You’re giving something practical and fun to your cat, but also giving back to the environment too: Win win.

Dogs: A new bed

We know they prefer our beds, but it might be worth investing in your pets comfort in the long run. Whether it’s a plush, orthoptic bed to help with your pets arthritis or something they can fill with their favourite toys – the possibilities are endless.

Dogs: Dental treatments
I know. A dental treatment doesn’t sound like much fun for any canine (or human, for that matter). Yet regular dental treatments help keep your dog’s mouth clean and healthy. Not only that, but it helps protect your dog from heart disease and other serious illnesses. If you can’t do a full dental treatment at the vet, get into the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth. Many dogs don’t mind if you use peanut butter-flavoured toothpaste!

Dogs: A long car journey

Who says a gift has be something physical? Humans love a good car journey and it’s the same for dogs! If your dog loves a leisurely car ride, pick a good weather day to take your pup out for a trip. Make sure they are properly secured and when you’ve gone as far as you’d like to go – it’s time for walkies!

Dogs: Take a trip to the groomers

Keeping a clean coat, free of matted fur, dirt, and debris, makes a dog feel great. Regular grooming visits improve your pup’s well-being and comfort. If your dog isn’t the type that needs a cut, bathe him/her with doggie shampoo and brush their coats thoroughly.


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