Toys That Help You Talk With Your Toddler

Toys That Help You Talk With Your Toddler


If you are like me and have a child with speech delay or even a child that is learning to speak you know of the highs and lows of encouraging without putting too much stress on your child. It really helps having great toys that help you talk with your toddler.

Our middle child has attention delay which has caused a speech delay and with the littlest catching up to him at light speed day to day it can be frustrating for both our middle child that we aren’t just ‘getting’ him and how he is trying to converse with us. Fisher-Price sent us a few toys to review and yet I have to say they are coming in handy with helping our children develop with language and skills.

Fun Feelings Monster rrp £14.99

This toy spins easily and focusses on each emotion making sounds with each emotional face. It is great for explaining the emotions and I have found actions along with this work well. When you have a child with speech delay toys like this are a must as they can show you what they are feeling if they cannot say it.

Hungry Monster Maze rrp £19.99 

This is the favourite toy by far! The littlest loves this maze toy and his big brother takes much joy in showing him how it works too. It is great to get little ones using their pincer action and co-ordination too.

For an older child the discs are different colours as well as numbered so you can help them learn colours and numbers while they play.

Press n Go Monster Vehicles £12.99

I have to be honest and say this is the least used of the three. It is great to play along with other self moving object but I’ll be honest and say they just love the other two so much that this is maybe a bit too young for them now. I would say the 6 -12 month age range would be perfect for this but as mine are 18 months and 2.5 years it is a bit redundant.

All in all we do love the variety, colour and well thought out Monster range. Hands down the Monster Maze is a favourite and the boys play with this every day so it is a winner. I can see it lasting the littlest a while.


Here is little man using his Spacecot as a play area with two of the toys


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  1. June 26, 2017 / 8:25 am

    The monster maze looks fun. I think my toddler would enjoy that too

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