#FlashYourFluff // 5 Great Changing Bags For Cloth Nappies

#FlashYourFluff // 5 Great Changing Bags For Cloth Nappies

Changing bags come is such variety now that you can pretty much have a new one to suit every outfit. Admittedly for me these days that would simply require a plain grey one to go with jeans and a baggy jumper, however I am on a mission to reinvent myself so more effort will be made! With so many changing bags available, it’s worth shopping around to see which ones will suit your needs, especially if you use cloth nappies on your child(ren) because as much as I adore Toby’s little cloth tush, the nappies do take up a bit more space than disposables but they’re far more gorgeous and economical so it’s not a big issue!

With that in mind, I’ve been on the hunt for the best changing bags for cloth nappies and have whittled it down to five that either myself or other cloth users have tried and tested:

1) When I was pregnant, one of my best friends wanted to buy me a changing bag and between us we decided upon the Babymel Cara. I loved the neutral design and it looked really spacious given that I was planning to use cloth nappies. Toby is now 10 months old and the Babymel has seriously been put through its paces from being a hospital bag to a weekend bag and obviously a changing bag and I can honestly say that it is brilliant. I can fit everything that I need into it for a full day using up it’s entire open inside space. There aren’t many extra pockets but that just means that the available space is maximised and there are a couple of good zip or popper compartments for ‘other’ bit such as your keys and phone.


Full to the brim and still stylish!

2) Baby Bjorn are known primarily for their baby carriers, but due to popular demand they will soon be releasing the SoFo changing bag and I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak peak! Very roomy and a great unisex option, the SoFo can be used as a messenger, tote or backpack and easily holds enough fluff for the day as well as your usual essentials.

A really practical, unisex option

A really practical, unisex option

3) When I became Babymule’s mum on the go blogger, I chose their Original bag in the Woodland print and it’s absolutely amazing! Usable as a backpack, messenger bag, handheld or attached to your pushchair it’s a bag which fits into your life and fits a heck of a lot inside. As you can see, it easily holds several cloth nappies and when I’m out and about I can simply un-pop the included changing pouch and everything I need for one change is in there so I don’t need to take the whole bag.


So handy having the separate changing pouch

4) Babymoov has just launched an incredible range of bags and there are so many brilliant features about every one of them, but I loved the City because it oozes style and I would use it as a bag for myself even once Toby is out of nappies. Inside there is a fantastic space which holds several cloth nappies easily as well as the included bottle pouch, wet bag and all your other mummy paraphernalia. I think it looks great as a messenger or hand bag and you can also clip it to your pushchair with built-in clips.


Babymoov City ready to go

5) Pacapod have a lovely selection of changing bags to suit all needs and tastes and if you go back in The Mumington Post archives, Chelle has reviewed the Pacapod Sequoia, which is a gorgeous bag. Chelle’s son Froglet is a cloth bum too so anything that she recommends is a good choice!

On Stokke Xplory V4

On Stokke Xplory V4

Have you got a favourite changing bag for your cloth stash? We always love to hear about great products so let us know!  And if you are a cloth loving mum or dad why not join our link up? Pop your latest cloth nappy post in the comments below or tweet/Instagram #flashyourfluff! We will RT and comment on as many as we can!


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  1. May 27, 2015 / 9:30 am

    So many great choices! I’m desperate for one big enough for all my cloth, I’m having to take disposables out and about as I can only fit 1 in my bag.

  2. May 30, 2015 / 7:06 am

    I can vouch for the PacaPod, I have a Portland and it’s perfect. For long days out or holidays we use the Pink Lining rucksack.

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