Tips to Help You to Stay Warmer This Winter

For the past few weeks, it has been very cold. As a result, most people have already put their heating on and are doing their best to stay warm. Hopefully, you are one of the people whose home is nice and warm. If, on the other hand, your house s still a bit chilly do not worry because there is quite a bit you can do to solve the problem.

Turn up the thermostat

Most homeowners set their thermostat at the beginning of winter and do not touch it again. This is fine if it is set high enough to keep your home warm enough. But, on colder days it is best to turn it up a degree or two. If you are using Emo oil their competitive prices mean that it will not cost you too much to turn the thermostat up a little.

Leaving it on too low a setting is actually a false economy. If the home gets too cold it will take more energy to heat it back up again than you are saving by having the thermostat turned down too low.

Consider installing a smart thermostat

If you are still using a standard thermostat it is worth considering replacing it with a smart one. That way you can remotely turn the heat up and down using your phone or laptop. So, for example, if you get stuck in a traffic jam you can call up your thermostat and turn it down. That way, you will not be wasting energy heating an empty house. When you are closer you can turn it up, so the house is still at the right temperature when you arrive home.

Improve your insulation

If you have not yet insulated your home, we strongly urge you to read this article. It explains what the different forms of insulation are, and shows you how to calculate whether it makes financial sense to install them in your home. At this time of the year, a lot of insulation firms are short on work. This means that there is a good chance that you can negotiate a good deal.

In most homes, the majority of the heat is lost through the roof. Therefore, it is sensible to make insulating this part of your house a priority.

There are two types of roof insulation. Most people already have the kind that is rolled out across the floor of their loft. Provided it is thick enough this insulation makes a huge difference to the amount of heat that is lost. However, most homeowners do not install the second type of loft insulation. This is an insulated blanket that is laid along the eaves on the inside of the roof. It stops hot air from leaking out between the eaves, roofing felt and tiles. Recently, this type of insulation has become a lot cheaper. So, if you have not yet installed it, now is a good time to consider doing so.

Do a draught audit

You should also take the time to do a draught audit. Now that it is actually cold you will be able to feel any streams of cold air and trace them back to the source. Once you find the gaps through which cold air is entering your house you can easily take the necessary steps to solve the problem and keep your home warmer.


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