Creating The Perfect Bathroom

What is the room in your home that just makes you relax? Is it the living room which allows you to chill out and binge watch the new season of that Netflix show you’ve been waiting for, for so long? Is it the kitchen that helps you whip up tasty treats and amazing home cooked meals – or grab a quick bite to eat? Is it the bedroom, where you can grab some sleep and get ready for the next tiring, restless day? Or is it the bathroom? The bathroom which allows us to cleanse and wash aways the many stresses of life? The bathroom which allows us to relax? The room which allows us to look the best we can, and help us feel at our best?

It’s not just that though. A bathroom is extremely valuable. Not only does it get us clean and help us feel good – but it also increases the value of a home by a whole bunch. If you want more from your home, look to the bathroom. We have recently updated our bathroom with a new bath and taps to make it look stylish as well as used a modern grey colour to lift up the walls a bit too. If you’ve got children, you’ll know the importance of a bathroom by default, so why not get a little bit more from it and make it a room that doesn’t just help you – but looks great.

The bathroom is a very important room in any household – it should be full of Bathroom Luxuries such as your favourite scents, candles and a huge comfy towel! If you’ve got carpets at the moment you might want to also look into versatile flooring that can withstand splashes but add some underfloor heating to make sure your feet don’t hit a cold floor!

A few other tips to ensure the perfect bathroom space?

Add a new tub – or get it repanelled/repainted with the correct materials. You may need to get someone a bit more experienced in for this!

Fix any broken things – like wonky toilet seats.

Install a power shower for jet speed washing (incredible for the kids – it’s so efficient). Then, replace the showerhead with a chrome model, or something in line with your design plans. Get rid of the curtain and add a glass panel. That’s the shower done! These same concepts work across the board – replace the cringy, moldy and damaged things and modernise.

Add storage and organisation – Storage is essential in a family bathroom so look at on the wall solutions as well as a cupboard that can work around your sink, saving space on and off the floor.

Think about your colour scheme – blue may seem like a suitable choice for a bathroom but may add to the cold feel of it.

Blinds or curtains? Think about adding some modern simple blinds to your bathroom, they’re better for circulating the air if you suffer from condensation in the space too!

Look for what you can add to a bathroom and think about creating a vision board of the relaxed feeling you want while you soak!

What colour scheme do you currently have in your bathroom? What tips do you have for anyone trying to create the perfect bathroom?



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