Tips On Becoming an Active Family

As parents, most of us are worried about how active our kids are. The temptation of the internet, games consoles, social media, and YouTube is often too much, and many of our kids are spending hours every day online, preferring to be locked up in their rooms than outside playing with their friends, as we might have been at the same age. Even very young children are sitting on tablets and other devices more than they are playing with their toys or running around parks. 

It can be tempting to make extreme changes in a bid to become a healthier family. You might wonder if banning devices or cutting unhealthy treats from your diet could be the answer. But, often, these big changes aren’t sustainable or healthy. They certainly don’t make for a happy family life. It’s usually the smaller changes that we can enjoy together as a family that help the most. Here is a look at some sustainable changes that you could make to help your family live a healthier life, both now and in the years to come. 

Learn Some New Skills

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New skills are a great way to get moving. A learn to swim for kids program can ensure that our children are safe around the water, but also that they are able to enjoy family time in the water. Other classes you could take part in as a family, include martial arts or trampolining. 

Book Some Trips

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Vacations, trips, and even days out are a great way to spend more time on your feet, and even a chance to try new activities. On a trip to the beach, you might take surfing lessons. On a day out in a new city, you might spend hours walking around. While there’s nothing wrong with the odd day in front of the TV or on computers, having plans booked in means that you can’t do it too often. Try always to have something scheduled or planned to look forward to. 

Get Into Healthy Routines

Routines are important to family life. They keep us organized and make sure that we’ve got time to get everything done. Unfortunately, when we’re busy and rushed, we often fall into unhealthy habits, because they are easier. We drive everywhere to save time, we eat unhealthy meals, because they are fast, and we cancel plans because we’re too busy. 

Start creating healthy habits, and a healthy lifestyle becomes more sustainable. Go to bed early, make meal plans, shop for food weekly, go swimming once a week, and for walks after dinner. Create healthy habits for your family, and it all starts to feel much easier. 

Live By Your Own Rules

If you are going to give your children screen time rules and enforce exercise, you need to live by these rules too. You need to set a good example for the rest of the family. 

Start Walking More

Walking is the easiest way to get more exercise, but it’s also a great way to spend time together as a family, and most of us can do it. Start walking to school in the mornings, or at least parking further away, and try to enjoy some family hikes or long walks. 


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