Tips For Travelling With Children

As a mama to three children, making us a family of 5, holidays seem to be aa distant luxury. I have been told it can be done so here are a few tips I have gleamed from others in the know that will hopefully make me feel more confident about travelling together.


Check out reviews for airlines to resorts. Make sure you know where you and your family will feel welcome and have all you need on hand. Kids clubs to babysitters, spa for Mama – make sure you have a check list of individual as well as group needs.

Websites like TotsToTravel cater for families and so will make you feel more at ease on getting the right kind of holiday for you. Whether it’s in the balerics

Create a holiday bag for each child.

This could have a new camera (think polaroid)  for each child and a scrapbook so they can document their holiday on the go. Have a daily prize for the most unusual shell, the best photo etc and make it into a daily project for each to relieve any boredom! It also means you will have a book full of memories to look back on!

Also pack snacks, favourite toys and of course you may want a tablet computer/headphones loaded with books and films for moments where they can’t run around and be their most energetic self!

Engage with them throughout 

From the booking process to the main event make sure they know all about where you are going. This is a good time to make sure they know full names and telephone numbers. Discuss stranger danger and find suitable items like a buddy band where you can write your information. We know you’ll have eyes like a hawk on them but it is best to be prepared.

Don’t let them pack their own bags!

Surely you have had that experience before?


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