Time For Some Family Bonding? Great Activities To Help You Out.

Finding ways to get your family to bond, and to stay connected, is one of the most important things in the world. A close-knit family is a happy family. If you have more than one child, you are also paving the way for them all to be best friends in the future. Once you all grow older, having children that are friends over siblings will be one of the most special parts of your life. So, how you can go about making sure you are a bonded family, both today and tomorrow? There are a number of ways you can actively encourage this. Let’s take a look at three great places to start…



Now the kids are all walking and we dont always need a pushchair scooters are our preferred method of transport. Fizz has been asking for a pair of skates too and I am all for getting active we will invest in a pair for both of us. I am a great believer that scooting or skating is not just for the kids and parents should have a go too! It’s also such a easy way of getting about and enjoying the seafront


Travel together

We are all realizing more and more just how important travel is for family bonding. The experience of being away from home together is a brilliant one. It can bring up challenges, and new experiences that take you out of your comfort zones. So, whether you’re looking for holidays for active families, or something more relaxed, you’ll be able to find it. If activity is what you’re after, you could think sport. What about a holiday that includes participation in fun, family-orientated activities. Treasure hunts and canoeing are great examples of this. Or even just share the experience of seeing a new sight together, like the Northern Lights or Great Wall of China!


Cook and bake meals and treats together

Cooking will likely be a necessity in your home, but how about making it a pleasure? Cooking together allows the whole family to gather together in one room or area. You then get to work together for a common goal. It could even become a family tradition that you cook together once per week! Each week allow a different family member to pick the meal you will make. Be sure to keep switching tasks each week also, so nobody gets bored! Baking is slightly different, as it tends to be more of a luxury than a necessity. However, this too can be great fun. The chances are with baking that you aren’t working to a deadline of when you want to eat. This can aid in making the activity feel more fun and less stressful.

Update your home together

A cozy family home consists of lots of things. It is a place where you all, from babies to grandparents, feel safe and content. It is also a place that reflects each and every person that lives inside it. That’s why a bit of clutter in a family home isn’t such a bad thing! It’s not a pile of toys on the floor- it’s the game that made your first born laugh that morning. It’s not just dirty washing up in the sink. It’s the leftovers of a shared family meal. So it only makes sense that when it comes to updating the home, you should do it together. The same goes for if you move house. Let everyone have a say in colour schemes, room layouts and flowers in the garden. This will truly make everyone feel like the home is theirs and yours.

How do you spend time as a family?


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