Things To Do During Half Term Part 2

As you know I have been looking at various things to do during half term that won’t break the bank. Here is part two of my list.

Plan A Day Trip

If you are short of cash but have a little why not put a special day down to splurge a bit on a day trip away from home. We may choose our splurge day to be a day out in London. To save money I’ll look at discount attractions in London and plan a day that the kids will love whilst also saving money as well. I find one day at the end of the holiday with something super to look forward to really helps if we have a lull in the week. The first few days of holiday time are often spent regenerating energy zapped by the school term.

Have A Love Bomb Day

If you haven’t heard of love bombing as a term I would still think you are doing this already. Sit down with each of your children and ask them what they would like to do. Explain that you are dedicating a special day to them where they decide what you are all doing for the day. You may be surprised how simplistic their day is and also how cheap – for example one of my children wants me to have a sleepover in their room with a movie. Sounds great, right?

Visit A Local Attraction

Look out for what is going on in your home town. There may be special offers during the break for those who can prove they have a local postcode. We love a regular trip to the Sealife Centre in Brighton and so are considering their annual pass.This means we can go and visit as much as we like through the year and go as a group or for 121 time with each child. A picnic at the beach if the weather is nice after is a must. There is also the i360, Brighton Pier or a short trip on the Volks Railway.

I’d love to know what you are doing in your half term and if you have any smart money tips too!


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