There’s Still Time For A Little A Spring Cleaning

We’re not quite in the summer months yet, although it may feel like it when you head outside. That means, there’s still time for some good old fashioned spring cleaning. Make your home feel new again, add some lovely scents and clear out the clutter this month. Here are a few tips that are sure to make your life easier when giving your home a great clean.

Top To Bottom

Make sure you clean from top to bottom in every room. By doing this, you knock the dust and muck onto the floor and clean it up with the vacuum. Basically, this means that you never miss a spot and instead get a house that is picture perfect. Don’t forget to move the beds and furniture as well, particularly if you have pets. You wouldn’t believe the amount of hair that often gets trapped around the edge of the bed.

Scented Air Fresheners Work Wonders

If you are tired of your home smelling of sweat, body odor, deodorant and dog make sure you purchase some home air fresheners. These will leave your home sweeter than ever and the perfect scented place to come home to after a busy working day.

Recycle Don’t Rubbish

If you’re getting rid of papers, boxes and old junk make sure that you recycle it all rather than just throwing it in the rubbish. This is a good chance of making sure that you stay green when you are spring cleaning. Almost everything imaginable can be recycled and if you don’t believe that check out this infographic.

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