The Week That Was: Captured 

This week has been a little bit busier and so much has gone on and organised but that’s for another post I think! I’ve managed to capture a few photos and here are my favourites!  

On Monday Gav had the day off and Fizz was at school. I took Gav and Jedi Boy to our local pub for lunch. Of course the boy decided nap time would happen on leaving the pub!

 We’ve banned the TV after school because to be frank Fizz is full of beans. Colouring is much more relaxing!

The boy torments the cat, again.

After school is so much calmer with a two hour park visit after! Tired little folk after too! 

We took the side off the cot and hoped for sleep. It’s against a single bed for me to sleep in. So far we’ve had a miraculous 7:55-4:55 and 7:30-6:04 am! Amazing! I’m hoping that we can sort out sleeping properly before bump arrives!

It’s Hannah’s last week of doing The Week That Was for a while! I’m hoping to go and comment more this week as a finale hurrah for this great link up which you can find at 

Hope you all had a fab week too! 

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