The Unexpected Benefits Of A Countryside Life

For many dynamic professionals, London is a hub of activities and entertainments. It’s difficult to find any place more exciting that London when you are in your 20s or early 30s and enjoying all the facilities of the modern and buzzing life in town. After all, who doesn’t dream of finding their favourite restaurant still open for orders long after 9 pm? But there is something about all big cities, whether you pick London or another urban hub: They soon lose their interest when you start focusing on your family life. The endless noise, the tiny flats, and the crowded streets suddenly are all one can see, without mentioning the constant presence of stress at work and in your home. The urban life is stressful per definition: Everything goes faster, flashier and also a lot more expensive. So if you are considering the potential of embracing the countryside life and are worried about its inconveniences – the main and only disadvantage is that it’s not London – here is a list of the benefits you get from a life in the countryside.  


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Bigger House, Smaller Price

When you decide to move house, it’s naturally a big decision that isn’t easy to take… until  you start comparing prices! Taking a new start in the countryside is an ideal way of immediately improving your life standards. Countryside properties will have something that urban homes often lack: A garden, and not any garden, but a huge one in comparison. While the small country lanes might seem like a long drive to the next village or town, you are in the middle of a bubble of fresh air and nature, with more space around you than any town can offer. A countryside house will tend to be more affordable than an urban property of the same size, but it will also have kept its distinctive charm with sturdy building materials and old trees in the garden. There is a sense of clean and safe space that you can’t get anywhere else.   


You Can Have Real Pets

If you have lived in town all your life, you would have probably noticed that pet ownership can be very limited. Lucky households have a small dog or a cat; others have to make do with a hamster or an aquarium. More importantly, an animal in town is immediately synonymous of cleaning. While you will still need to clean your house in the countryside, the outdoor proximity means that you can have a happy pet that roams freely in the garden and only comes back to eat and sleep inside. In short, as surprising as it sounds, the house is more easily maintained. But that’s not all: You can suddenly indulge in your love for full-size pets. Whether you’ve always dreamed of a Saint-Bernard, or you want to surprise your child with a pony, the countryside is giving you the possibility to fulfil these dreams. However, remember that even if you have room, owning a pet is a commitment and you are responsible for the health and the happiness of your animal. In short, don’t just buy a donkey because you can, do it because you care.


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Eat Real Food

Having a garden is for most homeowners the chance to start cultivating their own vegetables. You will soon love the taste of home-grown food, from lettuces to potatoes. There is a sense of achievement when you eat your own food that you can’t find anywhere else. Besides, in a time of high concerns about the origins of the food you eat, you can be sure that your meal only consists of healthy and organic ingredients.


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Become Almost Self Sufficient

It may seem odd at first, but there’s a sense of independence when you can begin to create a self-sufficient behaviour in your household. Being able to generate your own power, for example, even if it is only a percentage of the energy you need, is the most effective way to reduce your energy bills. With the right mix of climate and home generators, you can achieve up to 40% of self-produced energy, which means 40% cheaper bills in the end. Additionally, from an environmental perspective, a greener house improves the quality of the air and the overall quality of life on the planet.


Be Happier In Your Skin

Being one with nature is the ultimate remedy for your health. While studies have recorded an improvement by 30% in your health when you are surrounded by nature, this increase is also connected to happier and more active behaviours. Nature is good for your health, mental and physical, is what the studies have revealed.



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