The Ultimate Family Friendly Floor

Having kids often means you have to rethink your home and how practical it may be. Among one of those things is your floor. Whether you are moving into a new property or you are simply updating your current one, you will need a floor that is able to handle your busy family life. Ideally, you need something that balances both practicality and aesthetics. This post brings you one floor in particular that has all of these great qualities, laminate flooring. Allow us to explain why we think this is the floor made for you and your family home.


Laminate flooring looks like hardwood but is actually made of synthetic layers that give this floor great endurance. The first layer, the backing, protects the floor from moisture. The core gives the stability to the floor and the image is what gives this floor a genuine wood look. This is topped off with a protective a wear layer to prevent the image fading. Another reason to choose this floor is because it is able to handle spillages, something to very frequently happen when you have kids. You can rest easy in the knowledge that whatever your kids could drop on the floor, laminate won’t become damaged. Another great reason why laminate is the perfect addition to your home is that, unlike solid wood, this floor can be installed with underfloor heating. Solid or natural woods will expand and contract with temperature fluctuations causing swelling and splitting on the boards. Laminate floors however can withstand these changes with no sings of trouble.

Easy Maintenance

As previously mentioned, laminate flooring handles spillages well and this is because this floor is waterproof. This means that, in addition to handling spillages seamlessly, the floor won’t need any expensive or specialist cleaning products. A regular sweep and or hoover and a mop is all that is needed to keep this floor looking fresh and new. Because it is a non-porous material, laminate floors don’t harbour dust and or allergens, they make for a very hygienic choice too. This is especially important considering the amount of time your kids spend crawling or playing on the floor.

Quality Designs

In terms of flooring on the market, laminate is one of the cheapest versions you can get. But don’t worry, although you are paying less upfront, you aren’t sacrificing anything in terms of style. You can find laminate flooring that imitates oak, walnut and other wood species perfectly. And don’t worry if you had a precise style in mind for your house.

So there you have it, just a few great reasons why laminate floors are perfect for the family home. We’ve only just scratched the surface, but laminate floors are truly unbeatable on both style and price. With a long life, laminate floors will last long after your kids have grown up and moved out, so don’t worry about how much havoc they may wreak while they’re young!


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