The Realities of Pregnancy

When I was pregnant for the third time around I realised there’s lots about pregnancy that is OK to admit out loud. Perhaps maybe because I feel like a seasoned pro rather than a terrified newbie who feels pants high in pregnancy and post birth research. So I’ve put together this list to, well, let you know we are all in this together.

1. At some point you are likely to wet yourself (or the other, but let’s talk about the nicer of the two). During my first pregnancy I laughed about pelvic floor exercises and whilst in labour with Fizz literally Niagra Falls took place in the delivery suite. I was not prepared for that and have no idea what kind of industrial mop the midwives used without me noticing.

Come to my second pregnancy and the pelvic floor thing didn’t feel so funny. My worst moment was having severe morning sickness, head in toilet bowl while, you guessed it, Niagra Falls again. My pelvic floor just was not up to the shock of dealing with two things at once. And there was me thinking I could multi-task. Wrong!

During my third pregnancy, as early as 10 weeks, I’m considered heading towards Tena Lady and that’s OK.

2. It can sometimes suck as much as it can feel like a win . I’m lucky to have avoided HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) but there are other things like the extreme tiredness that feel like your are in a fog all day. I actually have to set an alarm to make sure the school pick up happens on time. My nine-month old still has two naps a day and for this I am grateful because a Nana nap is literally all I can manage most days. Let’s hope that 2nd trimester glow hits soon, it will right?

3. You will at some point pass the baby flutters off as wind . And not just in the first pregnancy. When I mentioned to my midwife at 16 weeks that I wasn’t sure (you’d think I’d remember what it felt like that first time?) we went back and traced bump two’s first movements to 12 weeks. Gutted. You see sometimes that gut feeling you are supposed to have as a mother is very flawed. You will feel cross at yourself. With this bump I’ve thought I felt flutters at 10 weeks. But then again that could be wind, right?

4. You love the attention . Of course you do. People are interested in what you are wearing, how you are feeling. If you are super lucky you may even get offered a seat on the bus. Then someone tries to touch the bump like it’s a separate entity. You turn into a growling beast that suddenly becomes snappy. Ah those pesky hormones.

5. You start to panic about introducing another member to the family . The tag team you thought was working quite well is going to take a whole new level of organisation. You contemplate the cat becoming a babysitter while you deal with school runs and a toddler (well almost). Then you realise you may never get sleep again…for the next 15 years at least.

6. You are growing a life – it amazes you . It doesn’t matter if this is the third or first time when you read the weekly pregnancy updates which tell you how baby is growing it will never cease to be amazing. Getting your head around something so simple yet complicated is mind blowing.

So go on, your turn to share…what will you admit out loud?


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