The One Where My Boobs Are Out All The Time

The One Where My Boobs Are Out All The Time

The littlest addition to our family has not long turned 4 months. It doesn’t seem that long ago he joined us but over the last week feeding him has stepped up a gear.

I know this as I’m well aware 3-5:30 am is his peak time to feed. He is in bed with me and it’s an on /off sleep repeat every 15 minutes until I finally give up and declare the day started.

I know he’s probably going through some kind of growth spurt and maybe the onset of teething. I do feel like I’m constantly breastfeeding at the moment.

I wake up to find both breasts not being contained by my vest top. Well once they’re out its easier to just keep them out.

The constant clacking sound is the background music to the day. I don’t know why I bother clacking the panels back together.

Im surprised the postman hasn’t seen me with them out considering how often they are during the day.

 But thankfully Cake sent me a beautiful new bra with flexi wire (£42) to wear during the day! It’s an underwire and makes my boobs look quite pert. The illusion of footballs on my chest rather than saggy raindrops.

At least if they’re out all day they can also spend some time enclosed in something well made, sexy but also comfy. Totally invest in this bras for added oomph and to feel like you are you not just feeding machine!


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