The Latest Newborn Baby Must Haves

Hello, I’m Ami and I run Beebies Baby Store. I’ll be here once a month to share the latest baby, toddler & maternity products, fill you in on all of the best deals in the industry and share my products recommendations.

This months it’s all about new borns! With so much variety available these days, it can be difficult to choose the right gift to buy for a new arrival. We’ve created our New Baby Gift Guide to help you find the perfect present for the new parents in your life.
Organic Clothing
Babies skin is so much more sensitive than adults and so it is important to find clothing which will comfort an protect it. Organic clothing is free of pesticides and nasty chemicals which are often used to preserve non organic fabrics. It’s also super soft and remains soft after several washes.

The NodPod blanket really is the ultimate baby blanket. Do you remember when Prince George was born? Do you remember the hype around whether William would be able to strap baby George into the car seat quickly & safely? With it’s hood and leg compartments, this blanket allows new parents to safely strap their baby in without the fuss as well as knowing that they are snug and warm too! Give the gift of ease and peace of mind with a NodPod baby blanket. 

Poddle Pod
The Poddle (0-6m)  & Toddle (6m+) Pods are baby & toddler snuggle nests designed to put both Mum’s & babies mind at ease when not in their arms. When a baby is laid on top of the pillow, the sides gently pull in to hug them, making them feel as if they are still being held or touched. The pods are also great for use when changing your baby, play time, tummy time and for those moments when you have to pop to the loo or answer the door. I know Chelle is a big fan of her Poddle Pod and rates it as a you really do need product..  

Nappy Cakes
Nappy cakes are a wonderful, fun gift sure to be loved by all parents. If you’ve not heard of them before, they are essentially a bundle of baby goods such as nappies, clothing, toiletries etc put together into the shape of a cake. Depending on your budget you can opt for one, two, three or even four tiers. They’re pretty, practical & affordable all at the same time. You can shop our range of Nappy Cakes and hampers here.

Hospital Bag
If you’re looking to give your Mum to Be a gift before the birth of her baby, perhaps at a baby shower, Pre-packed hospital bags are a lovely practical gift which any parent would love to receive. Filled with all of the essentials for labour and birth, the gift of a prepacked hospital bag ticks one more thing off of her ever growing list!

Baby Sling / Carrier
We all know that once a new baby arrives, Mums and Dad’s could all do with a few extra pairs of hands. A baby sling or carrier allows a parent to bond with baby while getting on with every day tasks. The perfect excuse for baby cuddles all day long!

Choosing certain products for a new born can be down to personal choice. Mum & Dad might have already decided on the play mat or moses basket they’d like, but just not got around to buying it just yet. Giving vouchers is a great way to allow new parents to choose items that are right for their and their babes needs.

It’s never too early to start building a library of books, with many mums to be starting to read to their little ones while they’re still tucked up in their tummies! Some of our favourites include ‘Guess How Much I Love You‘ &  ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar‘.

A Helping Hand
Every parent throughout their journey may need a little bit of help or reassurance. This can come in many forms, a listening ear, a batch of hot meals for those first few weeks, a trip to the park with their older children to give them a chance to bond one on one with the new arrival.

The Gift of Sleep
Perhaps offering to watch over new baby while Mum grabs a cat nap and catches up on some all important sleep will help too.  While we’re on the topic of sleep, we fully recommend our friend, Fi over at Child Care is Fun!’s first book – The Baby  Bedtime Book. Filled to the brim with tips and tricks for a happy baby bedtime this book is sure to become any new parent’s best friend!

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