The first six months – A few home truths

1) The baby always calls the shots. You might like to think little one can be put into a routine; fact is they’ll only do what they want when they want. They choose when you eat, sleep, bathe….everything you want to do is dependent on them.

2) You won’t start to feel remotely like a human being until six months (five months if you’re lucky). This is when newborn becomes a baby and when you start getting some elements of your life back!

3) No matter how house-proud you once were your living room will look like a fairground.

4) Breastfeeding is hard work. It does get easier around 6, 10, 12 and 20 weeks.

5) You need to have ‘you’ time. Make sure you have time to yourself. Ask a friend to come over so you can have an uninterrupted bath or you and your partner can ‘reconnect’. The first few times away from baby are hard, you will feel guilty but you are not bad for wanting time for yourself! If you have no one to look after baby Activity Centres were made so you can eat a full meal or drink a hot cuppa. Invest!

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