The Bedtime Routine With Two Toddlers!

I have to admit that we haven’t got much of a routine going at the moment. Both boys have unique ways of getting bedtime done their way haha! So for 2018 I want to get the boys to sleep in their own room and through the night. I think just persevering with a set system may be the way to go.

Tip One: Make their beds as comfy as possible.

With Jedi now 3.5 and the need to start potty training we are using BSensible sheets to protect their beds from little accidents. These unique sheets will protect your mattress but are still super soft. We have the pillow cases as well. If you have two the same age then try for different covers and colours so that they have ownership over their bed. Twinning is fun but personally for their own space it should reflect their personalities too.

Tip Two: Get a night light.

For a few weeks you’ll be getting up and down, settling little ones back into their beds. An Illumilight is great for this as its not intrusive like an overhead regular light and gives you some light without waking them completely up. You can get them in various designs so again you can buy to reflect their personality too.

Tip Three: Set rules before bed.

These can be anything to getting ready in their room, brushing their teeth and reading their favourite story. All of these things go towards your routine.

I make sure that f the are hungry before bed they have a snack so a small bowl of Lizi’s Adventurers Granola is perfect for making sure they have had enough food and so the small one doesn’t wake up hungry!

We got sent a buddies toothbrush which is an electric toothbrush that dispenses toothpaste from an internal tube. Jedi loves it because it is great fun and the flavours taste yummy! He is always in a  rush to brush his teeth now! So after this a quick face wash and PJs go on! Again we got character based PJs and these are actually the same for both boys as they are into similar comic book and Star Wars characters!

Tip Four: Don’t rush it.

The worst thing about bedtime is to rush it. They just know! So if cuddles is what they need right now (or in Jedi’s case some DrWho!) then don’t rush it. I always say that bedtime takes around 30 minutes and it always does. The boys want cuddles and by taken out time and not rushing it really does help.

Here are the items I have mentioned above!


Buddies Toothbrush and Toothpaste


Lizi’s Adventurers Granola


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