Thanks – It’s Lovely?!

We’ve all been there – it’s Christmas Day, someone hands you a beautiful parcel, you’re excited, you give it a squeeze to see if you can guess what’s inside, then give in, rip off the wrapping and it’s… a set of smellies that you’ll never use. So you smile to hide your disappointment and say ‘Thanks, it’s lovely!’, knowing full well it’s actually destined for the back of a cupboard.

So rather than stashing them all in a cupboard to gather dust, how about putting those unwanted gifts to good use? The bubble bath sets, the jewellery that’s not your style, the clothes & toys for the kids from well meaning distant relatives with let’s say, questionable taste? Just because they’re not your cup of tea, doesn’t mean they can’t be useful. Here are some ideas:

  • Score yourself some good karma by donating them all to a local charity shop.
  • The children’s ward at your local hospital will be grateful of toys in good condition.
  • Save yourself a few pennies & recycle those unwanted gift sets – re-wrap and use as gifts for teachers/nursery assistants at the end of term.
  • Or, keep them to one side & donate them as raffle/tombola prizes when your little one has a school fete.
  • Make a few ££s to save for next Christmas by listing your unwanted gifts on an auction site.

What do you do with those unwanted prezzies? What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received – did you manage to smile sweetly and say thank you all the same?!

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