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I’ve been part of Team Mumington for a couple of months now – although the slight inconvenience of having a baby in mid-July has meant I’ve been thin on the contributions in recent weeks! And in actual fact, I’m not contributing much here either, apart from to introduce my husband Andy, who has been inspired by the arrival of our second-born to start writing his own blog – Breaking Dad. Chelle invited him to write a guest post or two for Mumington, so I’m delighted to hand over to him while I put my feet up and think about all the other things I should be doing….


The Breaking Dad Guest Blog // Thanks For The Memory

There are almost five years between our eldest and the newbie. It seems that this five year baby hiatus has been long enough to forget almost everything about keeping a newborn amused.

I have forgotten how much time is spent changing their clothes due to one leakage or another. I had forgotten how many changes of clothing I needed for the same reason (Mrs H. forgot this too). It had also escaped me just how much time you lose when simply getting ready to leave the house.

A big one that was completely buried down the back of the sofa in my brain was the bizarre and random sleeping patterns of the tiniest people in our lives. The specific information that was hiding under the cushion was how easy/difficult it is to disturb their sleep.

During daylight hours, the following has failed to wake up the new wonderful smell in our house:

  • The other child. Our eldest doesn’t do anything slowly or quietly. Quite often when he asks “what’s that noise?”, my answer is “you son, that noise is you”. The newbie barely even notices he is there.
  • The hoover. The sodding hoover! I wasn’t just hoovering the room he was sleeping in, I was hoovering underneath the bouncer chair he was sleeping in.
  • The television and anything on it. Honestly, the other day we were watching Band of Brothers using surround sound and his eyes didn’t even flicker once.

At night, the opposite is true. After he falls asleep, placing him in his own bed is apparently crossing some sort of line. What awful parents we are. Placing him onto the most comfortable mattress in existence truly is a heinous crime. How do we sleep at night? Oh, that’s right. We don’t.

Even if I wanted to, I cannot get annoyed at this as I had forgotten other facts.

I had forgotten how happy they are to be passed from one cooing person to another. I had forgotten that before I fall asleep, my hearing will lock onto him snoring away in his basket first like some form of weird parental sonar. The big one though is that he sleeps on me a lot and it had escaped me how insanely relaxing that is. He has no problem falling asleep on my chest and something has now started to bother me. A day came when our eldest was too big for this and one day, newbie will be too big for this too.

It turns that as well as the challenging stuff, we repress the memories of things we lose too.

Andy // Breaking Dad



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