We have tried quite a few cloth nappies but we’ve only just added the Bamboozle Stretch to our stash. As big fans of the Tots Bots range and at £11.99 per nappy we wanted to see how it measured up to the real nappies in our collection.

This nappy is super soft and comes with an insert which is fixed via press studs. The softness comes from the bamboo and unlike other cloth nappies there is no PUL fabric to keep the wet in. You can use a wrap over the top with PUL in however the bamboo does really well at absorbing and we have yet to have any leaks during daytime use by not using a wrap.


On a Toddler

With one bigger boy on the go all the time and one little boy now starting to keep up this flexible nappy. The nappy allows great freedom of movement and never seems to bunch up when the boys are playing or moving around. By not using a wrap we have a cooler option but we take care for him not to leak through.

It’s the kind of nappy you need when  you are ready to start potty training. The absorb is good but it says to him you are wet too. It’s the perfect nappy for his age (23 months).

On a Baby

Beatlebum does get on with this nappy quite well too though. He has just started cruising and I feel this doesn’t limit him in any way. For night time use we pop the PeeNut wrap over the top and it has lasted a night from 6pm until 5:30am.

I do love that it feels more breathable and this will be perfect for hot summer days. Or you can use with a wrap cover like the PeeNut to prevent leaks through the fabric.All in all we are left wondering why we’ve never used these before.

For cloth lovers like me summer coming is a dream. You can flash your best cloth nappies on the washing line and the summer sun removes any stains naturally!

We have been using our cloth stash a lot more at home and now Beatlebum is bigger he has started to fit into a lot more. I’m sad that he’s coming out of smalls though. They’re packed up and ready to go to a new home now *sob*.

Cloth is a perfect solution for the summer. You don’t have to pad bottoms out or pop clothes over if you’ve got some super brights or funky prints. Means for a more comfy baby!

So what have we been wearing this week.

img_6547-1We do love our gNappies and we’ve finally got some cloth inserts for them. I love you can switch from cloth to compostable insert as this makes them a great replacement for disposibles.

Beatlebum has been trying out his football skills in TotsBots. This is the PeeNut and I love using this as it fits around his little legs so well!

Have you been using cloth this week? Are you excited about hanging it out on the lovely sunshine?

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We do love a good British brand and recently TotsBots approached us as they’re keen to get more parents to use cloth nappies. We will be supporting this brand throughout the year and this is the second post we have done to show them off to help get your stash started. View Post

The #FlashYourFluff linky team took most of the summer off to spend with their families and we return today with some exciting news!

I cottoned on to a bit of exciting news this morning! It looks like TotsBots has launched a very new and exciting product and I for one think it’s another move to get parents using cloth in an easy and simple way. 

Our newest bump will be in cloth from day 1 and any product that makes life a little bit simpler in those early days is very welcome! With Fizz we didn’t use cloth until 6 months and Jedi Boy was in cloth at around 8 weeks. He would’ve been in cloth earlier but he was so diddy that he didn’t fit into most of Fizzs original stash!
  The PeeNut is a cloth nappy that can be used with fleece or disposible liners. The outer is waterproof and then you just choose your liner! You can switch from disposible to cloth or just focus on getting to grips with one at a time.

I do love a nappy that can be used either as a disposible or a cloth as it gives you extra options for when you leave baba in childcare or when on holiday and you don’t want to think about storing smelly nappies. I hope that disposible inserts are next on TotsBots list as then this would be perfect for that and for parents who want to try cloth and are a bit apprehensive. It’s all about making cloth relevant to the mainstream market! 

Commenting on the exciting arrival of PeeNut, Fiona Smyth, Founder and chief designer at TotsBots said: “We are so excited to officially unveil PeeNut to cloth nappy fans and new parents everywhere. At TotsBots, we are passionate about the multitude of benefits of cloth – we’re on a mission to encourage every parent to choose reusable nappies. Having listened to the common concerns of parents, we have created a system, which is so simple to use, but doesn’t compromise on performance. Parents will only need eight PeeNut wraps and sixteen pads to last the entire journey from birth to potty, meaning choosing PeeNut is tremendously cost effective, as well as looking fantastic, being extremely comfortable and it will help save the environment too!” 

The RRP is £17.99 (Single pack including 1 x wrap and 1 x pad set) but I’m sure TotsBots will also be doing some packages too! 

Regular contributors to my blog and friends Hannah (Read what she thinks here)  and Susanne have both been lucky enough to test this new product and they’ve said that I can use these lovely photos! 

Toby in PeeNuts!


Elsie’s Tutu Toosh from www.ghostwritermummy.com

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gNappies were the first brand of nappy we used on Froglet. I loved that they were bright colours and there are some super special edition prints too. But what we love most is that the nappies have two choices of inserts – disposible (which are compost able) or cloth inserts. For our nighttime challenge we pitched their disposible against the Boots own disposible brand when Froglet was 4 months old and so we could easily go 3-4 nappy changes still.

Good Fortune gNappies

Good Fortune gNappies

The nappies matched up well against the disposible and the only difference was if there were any leaks it was user fault rather than the actual nappy. There is a insert panel which should be flush against babas skin to prevent leaks and sometimes in a tired haste I popped the nappy on a bit loose. When I didn’t though the absorbing was the same as the Boots and Sainsburys brand. Obviously the disposible inserts at this point lasted 3 hours maximum as is the case with newborns up to three months. The Boots own gave us exactly the same where as Sainsburys nappies often leaked quite badly.

IMG_4182.JPGOver the last few months these have been our go to daytime nappy. If we are on the school run I use these with a disposible and sometimes a cloth booster to get through the school run (our buses are a pain) which ranges from 1:45hr both ways up to 3 hours! Obviously I want Froglet to be as comfy as possible so a boost is there just in case.

I can’t wait to come back to you and tell you how we get on with a newborn in November!

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