Hi, I’m Jules. I blog over at Pondering Parenthood. I started my blog last September when I was trying to conceive and needed somewhere to release my thoughts as I was driving my poor husband mad! We were very lucky to conceive quickly and now I write about family life with our baby girl, Little M. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, too!

 I’ve been trying to come up with Saturday Soundtrack options that make me look cool, but frankly I’ve given up because I love nothing more than a bit of cheese! So in the interest of being true to myself, here are my five tracks:

1: Hakuna Matata

Hubby discovered that Little M loves this song when she was just a few weeks old. I think she’s going to be a musical little thing as she smiles just upon hearing the introduction! It also makes us laugh as she does some hideous smelling farts so can relate to Pumba I feel!

2: Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

This is another of hubby’s favourites, which I have grown to love! It’s just so lovely to sway around the kitchen to in my dressing gown, with Little M in my arms. I love listening to all the different musical elements to this song – you can’t beat a bit of sax!

3. Lava

We first saw this short film at the cinema when we went to see Inside Out. It’s just a really cute little melodic singalong song, and we love a good sing song in this house!

4. S Club 7 – Bring it all back

Frankly, I could have chosen more than one song by S Club 7. They just feel like sunshine on a cloudy day, and they’re great to bob around to in the kitchen! Plus I like the feel good message of resilience and determination in this song.

5. Taylor Swift – Shake it Off

Love a bit of T-Swift! This is my absolute favourite song of hers and I defy anyone to be miserable enough to not want to dance around to this! It was also the last song at our wedding so holds lovely memories there, too.

Saturday Soundtrack is BACK! Our weekly dancefest is grooving it’s way back into your saturday morning! This week’s guest DJ is Sarah and who blogs over at www.whimsicalmumblings.co.uk.

Hi, I’m Sarah. I have a one year old boy, and a two year old girl, so life is pretty crazy around here!
We love nothing more than popping on a lively song to dance to in the mornings, to give us that extra oomph and wake ourselves up properly! 🙂

#1 Dog Days – Florence & The Machine
My favourite song of all time. Seriously, it gets me everytime.

It’s perfect to dance to, as it starts off slow, then suddenly you’re in full blown dancing mode!

#2 Happy – Pharrell
This is my 2 year old’s favourite song of all time.
It’s the song that used to get her to sleep when she was a newborn.
It’s such a good song for anyone to dance to, the video is perfect inspiration for some crazy dance moves.

#3 Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
This is probably my 2 year old’s second favourite.
It’s such a feel good song, and we absolutely love it here.
Yup, we still love it, it’s catchy and fun!

#4 Blame It On Me – George Ezra
Do you ever find songs that genuinely just make you feel happy inside?
Just makes you feel like everything is going to be ok, and you’re going to have an amazing day.
This is my happy song.

#5 Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song
First things first, the kids will love this video.
But the song is really catchy, and fun to sing and dance along too.
Not to over the top, perfect for a little boogie in the morning 🙂

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Kat is German, lives with her husband and son on the South Coast. She blogs at www.FrauNaish.co.uk about being a working mummy, trying to stay fit and healthy and a new-found passion photography. She’s chosen this weeks Saturday Soundtrack.


My music taste is all over the place! I love music that is really “soundy”, where you put headphones on and totally immerse yourself in a different universe. I do have some very strange stuff in my music collection.

The first one on my soundtrack is exactly this, it’s Retrogade by James Blake. It’s very soundy, and I think it’s totally stunning.

My husband and I are also huge Keane fans. We have been to many many concerts, even noodle has been to one, in my tummy 🙂 There are so many songs that I love but one that sticks out. It’s always the last song of their show and huge flood lights pointed at their fans fill the concert venue. This song always takes me back to this moment and it was the song I walked down the isle to (in an instrumental version). It’s of course Bedshaped by Keane.

Staying with the wedding theme and the complete randomness of my musical taste, it’s our first dance. It was a total spur of the moment decision when I was listening to the radio one day. The words resonate so much with how we met and it’s totally perfect. We found a beautiful slowed down version of it on YouTube for our actual dance but everytime I hear this song, I literally well up inside. It means so so much. It is Diamonds by Rihanna.

Another favourite song on my Saturday soundtrack would have to be something by Christina Aguilera. She is such an inspiration with a huge voice, one she had already aged 10! The song I literally cannot hold still to is Dirty by Christina Aguilera. It reminds me of clubbing days with a very good friend. Oh, those were the days!

The final track was really hard to pick. Usually the whole album plays. Noodle LOVES the album too and asks me to put it on in the car. It’s still permanently in my car CD player even though the album was published in the autumn of 2013 and everyone is eagerly waiting for another…. It’s Hey Now by London Grammar. Her voice is stunning and the whole album is beautifully haunting. Big, big love.

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Donna is Mum to two children and blogs over at What the Redhead said. When she isn’t blogging she can be found at work – her day job in a high street bank – or off on an adventure somewhere with the children.

Wishart Fam-032Here are five tracks for Saturday soundtrack that remind me of our wedding:

This was our first dance song. It’s not a typical first dance choice but Hubby and I had both loved Coldplay for years and went to a concert of theirs at Crystal Palace just after we got together. The album was also the first album I bought and we have loved their music throughout our relationship. It was the perfect song for us.

This was our first dance song. It’s not a typical first dance choice but Hubby and I had both loved Coldplay for years and went to a concert of theirs at Crystal Palace just after we got together. The album was also the first album I bought and we have loved their music throughout our relationship. It was the perfect song for us.

Take That – Greatest Day

This is one of the first songs on our wedding video and I didn’t realise until I watched the video for the first time, a couple of months after our wedding, how perfectly it summed up our day. It really was our greatest day.

Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight

This has been a favourite song of mine for a long time and it’s another from our wedding video. As soon as the band started playing on our wedding day people were up dancing and they didn’t stop until gone midnight. The evening was one of the best bits of the day – everyone just had such a great time.

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody

This was a contender for our first dance song and it’s still one of my favourite songs – and has a place on our wedding video too. Our wedding video is an eclectic mix! Kings of Leon have got so many good songs but this is one of my favourites – one I always sing along to when it comes on the radio.

Keane – Somewhere Only We Know

Hubby and I have both loved Keane for a long time and this is one of my favourite songs of theirs. It’s the perfect ‘couple song’ and could easily have been a first dance song too.